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An instrument attached to a tethered blimp or balloon, used to gather and transmit meteorological data at altitudes up to approximately 1,000 meters (3,281 feet) above the earth's surface.
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49[degrees]W four 915-MHz WPs with an average spacing of 10 km, C-band scanning radar FP2 Greensburg, Kansas Naval Postgraduate Multilevel mean and School flux tower (up to 16 m AGL), low- level tethersonde profiles of mean met variables, ceilometer, radiosonde, and sodar 37.
Some PISA units also included a ceilometer, disdrometer, eddy correlation flux probes, an acoustic sodar, and tethersondes.
The tethersonde, supported by a spherical hydrogen balloon, was tethered on a Kevlar line and controlled by an electric capstan.
Tethersonde Meteorological Towers, made by Finland-based Vaisala, are portable devices used for gathering atmospheric boundary profile data.
Using such condensed features, the entire system--weather balloon, tethersonde sensors, winch assembly and PC--weighs less than 40 kg and can be transported and installed at remote sites by an individual operator.
A tethersonde system was operated throughout IOP nights to monitor the development of upstream inversion and drainage flow conditions.
A Vaisala Digicora Tethersonde System was used to fly two tethersondes in the crater basin during IOPs to probe the warm-air intrusions into the southwest part of the crater (Fig.
Evaluations against synoptic-network and MATERHORN rawinsonde and tethersonde launches, nonetheless, showed that WRF is generally skilled in predicting conditions above the surface layer in complex terrain.
2003: Fine-scale structure observed in a stable atmospheric boundary layer by sodar and kite-borne tethersonde.
An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV, see sidebar) and tethersonde were operated from a private airfield 3 km south of the main site.
The UAV and tethersonde have lower availability due to obvious constraints such as restrictions precluding launching in darkness or in wind speeds of at least 7 m [s.
It was the first broad attempt at observation in Beijing using advanced observation instruments such as atmospheric profilers, tethersondes, ultrasonic anemometers, and sonic detection and ranging (SODAR).