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An instrument attached to a tethered blimp or balloon, used to gather and transmit meteorological data at altitudes up to approximately 1,000 meters (3,281 feet) above the earth's surface.
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The tethersonde, supported by a spherical hydrogen balloon, was tethered on a Kevlar line and controlled by an electric capstan.
* Tethersonde Meteorological Towers, made by Finland-based Vaisala, are portable devices used for gathering atmospheric boundary profile data.
Using such condensed features, the entire system--weather balloon, tethersonde sensors, winch assembly and PC--weighs less than 40 kg and can be transported and installed at remote sites by an individual operator.
A tethersonde system was operated throughout IOP nights to monitor the development of upstream inversion and drainage flow conditions.
Evaluations against synoptic-network and MATERHORN rawinsonde and tethersonde launches, nonetheless, showed that WRF is generally skilled in predicting conditions above the surface layer in complex terrain.
S., 2003: Fine-scale structure observed in a stable atmospheric boundary layer by sodar and kite-borne tethersonde. Bound.-Layer Meteor., 107, 323-351, doi:10.1023/A:1022171009297.
It was the first broad attempt at observation in Beijing using advanced observation instruments such as atmospheric profilers, tethersondes, ultrasonic anemometers, and sonic detection and ranging (SODAR).
This resulted in the refinements that appear in today's radiosondes, tethersondes, and dropsondes.
Some PISA units also included a ceilometer, disdrometer, eddy correlation flux probes, an acoustic sodar, and tethersondes. One MP also had an X-band profiling Doppler radar.