tetraethyl lead

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tet·ra·eth·yl lead

also tet·ra·eth·yl·lead  (tĕt′rə-ĕth′əl-lĕd′)
A colorless, poisonous, oily liquid, C8H20Pb, comprised of four ethyl groups on each lead atom, used in gasoline for internal-combustion engines as an antiknock agent.

tetraethyl lead

(ˌtɛtrəˈiːθaɪl lɛd) or


(Elements & Compounds) a colourless oily insoluble liquid formerly used in petrol to prevent knocking. Its use has been banned in most developed countries due to its toxicity. Formula: Pb(C2H5)4. Systematic name: lead tetraethyl Former names: tetramethyl lead or tetramethyllead
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Noun1.tetraethyl lead - a clear oily poisonous liquid added to gasoline to prevent knocking
antiknock - any of various compounds that are added to gasoline to reduce engine knocking
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Boyd had discovered that adding tetraethyl lead to petroleum fuel raised its ignition temperature, allowing higher compression in gasoline engines, which dramatically increased performance.
Many industries, such as battery manufacturing, ammunition, tetraethyl lead manufacturing, ceramic and glass industries printing, and the painting and dying industry, represent significant sources of lead release into the environment [4-6].
Sorry, the de facto house mother, complains of their persecution thusly: "Same baby who's sucking on a nipple full of phthalates, eating antibiotic chicken, breathing PCBs, playing in dirt made of tetraethyl lead and drinking straight vodka while it rides a fucking skateboard--when that baby dies at age eighty-six instead of ninety, it's going to be because you lit a cigarette in a public park.
For example, subsequent to the EPA regulation requiring all newly built autos sold in the United States to be equipped with catalytic converters, the agency issued regulation banning the sale of leaded gasoline because, unfortunately, the tetraethyl lead disabled the catalytic converter (Newell and Rogers 2003).
Cadmium is released as a by-product of zinc (and occasionally lead) refining; lead is emitted during its mining and smelting activities, from automobile exhausts (by combustion of petroleum fuels treated with tetraethyl lead antiknock) and from old lead paints; mercury is emitted by the degassing of the earth's crust.
Finally, had Seager referenced Gerald Markowitz and David Rosner, or Nancy Langston, she might have seen DES, tetraethyl lead and polyvinyl chloride as appropriate parallels to Carson's attack on DDT.
In the 1970s, gasoline combustion was an important source of air pollution by lead, as tetraethyl lead was added to gasoline at concentrations of approximately 0.
Lead in the form of tetraethyl lead acetate is used as anti-knocking agent in petrol.
The bribes were to secure contracts from the governments for the supply of Innospec products including Tetraethyl Lead, also known as TEL, a highly dangerous compound created as an octane booster to be added to engine fuel.
But to achieve octanes of 100 and higher, refiners add a small dose of tetraethyl lead to meet the requirements of ASTM fuel spec D-910.
Avgas contains tetraethyl lead that can damage the catalytic converters and oxygen sensors of a car and is also extremely toxic.
3) Tetraethyl lead (TEL) is added to avgas to increase octane and thereby prevent "knock," or uncontrolled fuel detonation, which can damage aircraft engines during flight, compromising safety.