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A grayish-black mineral, essentially (CuFe)12Sb4S13, often containing other elements, and used as an ore of copper.

[German Tetraëdrit, from Greek tetraedros, four-faced (from its four-faced crystals); see tetrahedron.]
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(Minerals) a grey metallic mineral consisting of a sulphide of copper, iron, and antimony, often in the form of tetrahedral crystals: it is a source of copper. Formula: (Cu,Fe)12Sb4S13
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(ˌtɛ trəˈhi draɪt)

1. any of a group of copper and silver ore minerals ranging from copper-iron antimony sulfide to copper-iron arsenic sulfide; copper is the chief metal but other metals (Fe, Zn, Ag) substitute for it extensively.
2. the copper-iron antimony sulfide, (Cu, Fe)12 Sb4S13, end member of the group.
[1865–70; < German Tetraëdrit (1845); see tetrahedron, -ite1]
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The ore minerals are pyrite, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, galena, and minor tetrahedrite and bornite.
Mineralization consists not only of disseminated and banded massive sulphides, but also of vein style polymetallic occurrences consisting of pyrite, sphalerite, galena, chalcopyrite, tetrahedrite, argentite, electrum, bornite and ruby silver.
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Stage 4 is marked by a mineral assemblage composed of quartz + antimony-lead-silver sulfosalt minerals (Figure 4(r)) that prevailingly include boulangerite and jamesonite, as well as minor bournonite, tetrahedrite, and andorite.
Prospecting in 2015 focussed on a highly siliceous gossanous andesite outcrop with azurite/malachite oxidation and possible tetrahedrite.
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Sulphosalt group compounds such as chalcostibite (CuSb[S.sub.2]), famatinite ([Cu.sub.3]Sb[S.sub.4]), and tetrahedrite ([Cu.sub.12][Sb.sub.4][S.sub.13]) are part of a relatively new class of material containing antimony.
Sulfide mineralization in the form of chalcopyrite, tetrahedrite and pyrite is noticed along shear zones and in the vicinity of thick marbalized beds and silicified alteration zones within the Shamran / Teru volcanics.
Tennantite, tetrahedrite, argentite, pyrrhotite and native gold occurred sporadically and sparingly.