Having four hydroxyl groups.
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A torsion rectangular geometry was used to study thermomechanical properties of the tetrahydroxy jojoba wax sample.
Hydration of the jojoba oil to the tetrahydroxy jojoba intermediate was via the oxirane which was carried out in a one-pot reaction.
The linear viscoelastic behavior of aged tetrahydroxy jojoba wax with the temperature sweep measurements is shown in Figure 3.
(b) Epoxidation, ring opening, and acylation of tetrahydroxy jojoba intermediate to the acyl ester derivatives.
These ladder polymer backbones can be prepared by polycondensation reaction of tetrahydroxy monomers containing spiro- or contorted centres with tetrafluoromonomers.
Three intermediates corresponding to the binding of *OH radicals in the aromatic ring were detected at m/z 300, 316, and 332, di-(DP (Detected Compound) 16), tri-(DP 17), and tetrahydroxy (DP 18) DPs, respectively.
Seven phenolic compounds were identified in the protonated form, [[M+H].sup.+] ions: protocatechuic acid [[[C.sub.7][H.sub.7][O.sub.4]].sup.+] of m/z 155 (entry 1), gallic acid [[[C.sub.7][H.sub.7][O.sub.5]].sup.+] of m/z 171 (entry 2), methyl gallate [[[C.sub.8][H.sub.9][O.sub.5]].sup.+] of m/z 185 (entry 3), di-tertbutylphenol [[[C.sub.14][H.sub.22]O].sup.+] of m/z 207 (entry 4), and tetrahydroxy sodium benzoate of m/z ion 209 (entry 5); based on its fragmentation pattern, ellagic acid [[[C.sub.14][H.sub.7][O.sub.8]].sup.+] (entry 8) and theogallin [[[C.sub.14][H.sub.17][O.sub.10]].sup.+] (entry 10) were detected at m/z 302 and 345.
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