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A polymer consisting of four identical monomers.

tet′ra·mer′ic (-mĕr′ĭk) adj.
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(Chemistry) a four-molecule polymer
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The research conducted was recently published in the journal "Human Mutation" under the title "In silico and in vivo models for Qatari-specific classical homocystinuria as basis for development of novel therapies." Using in silico computational protein modeling and molecular dynamics simulations, the team was able to solve the structure and the position p.R336C-CBS mutation, suggesting that the p.R336C mutation induces severe conformational changes that leads to incorrect folding and assembly of this protein to form functional tetramer. These changes might lead to early degradation of the CBS enzyme making it inactive.
Both products are oral transthyretin stabilisers that selectively bind to transthyretin, allowing to stabilise the tetramer of the transthyretin transport protein and slowing the formation of amyloid that causes ATTR-CM.
Viniferin is also a resveratrol which is a type of phenol found in tetramer containing the same properties.
TTR normally circulates as a four-part molecule or tetramer, but in ATTR the molecule dissociates into individual monomers, which are unstable and aggregate as amyloid fibrils.
Small Enterprise: P2 Ops in Fort Mill, Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing in Florence and Tetramer Technologies in Pendleton
[1] The majority of the HE membrane defects occur in a and [beta] spectrin, [2] which result in disruption of the spectrin heterodimer self-association sites, impairing spectrin tetramer formation.
The major adult form of hemoglobin is Hb A, a tetramer of two alpha and two beta globin chains.
Ions for a procyanidin dimer (m/z 579.1), a procyanidin trimer (m/z 867.2), and a procyanidin tetramer (m/z 1153.2) were detected and positively identified by MS/MS fragmentation (Figure 2).
The optimized geometry and frontier levels of the tetramer structure of alternated fluorene and terpyridine copolymer (LaPPS71) were simulated with density functional theory (DFT), using Becke, Three-Parameter, Lee-Yang-Parr functional B3LYP [22] functional, with 6-311G(d, p) split-valence basis set.
Structural Insights into Dimer of Dimer (Tetramer) Formation of Dihydropyrimidinase.
Tetramer staining of the TCR on the surface of CTLs reveals the antigen-specific nature of the T cell.