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 (tĕt′rə-plē′jə, -jē-ə)
[tetra- (because all four limbs are affected ) + -plegia.]

tet′ra·ple′gic adj. & n.
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(Pathology) another name for quadriplegia
[from tetra- + Greek plegē a blow, from plēssein to strike]
ˌtetraˈplegic adj
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n. tetraplejía, parálisis de las cuatro extremidades.
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n tetraplejía, cuadriplejía
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In the first readmission, PUs affected more patients aged 18-39 years with C5-C8 complete tetraplegia than other groups.
"In the past few years, our team has demonstrated that people with tetraplegia can use the investigational BrainGate BCI to gain multidimensional control of a robotic arm, to point and click on a computer screen to type 39-plus correct characters per minute and even to move their own arm and hand again--all simply by thinking about that movement," Hochberg says.
Patient 2, who had predisposing conditions, was infected with TBEV-Eur and died of tetraplegia and subsequent complications.
Data from 2010 showed that higher frequency of SCI are related to incomplete tetraplegia (45%), followed by incomplete paraplegia (21%), complete paraplegia (20%), and complete tetraplegia (14%) (Center, 2015).
People suffering from severe disabilities such as tetraplegia can also experience some speech pathologies.
number Case/ Sex GA (wk) Age CP type Hagberg control (M, F) (yr, m) 1 Case M 33 9yr, 5 m Right hemiplegia 2 Case F 27 8yr, 2 m Right hemiplegia 3 Control M 40 7yr, 10m Right hemiplegia 4 Control M 34 8yr, 3 m Tetraplegia 5 Control F 40 6yr, 8m Tetraplegia 6 Case F 30 11 yr, 9m Tetraplegia 7 Control F 37 9yr, lm Right hemiplegia 8 Control F 31 8yr, 9m Right hemiplegia 9 Case F Not 11yr, 9m Left hemiplegia known 10 Case M 32 6yr, 10m Tetraplegia 11 Control M 38 5yr, 2m Right hemiplegia 12 Case F 31 10yr, lm Tetraplegia 13 Case F 41 8yr, 2 m Right hemiplegia 14 Case M 33 5yr, 10m Right hemiplegia 15 Case F 6yr, 8m Left hemiplegia 16 Case M 38 6yr, 3 m Left hemiplegia 18 Case M 40 5yr, 3 m Left hemiplegia 18 Control M 36 6yr, 4m Left hemiplegia Pt.
She is suffering from a form of progressive tetraplegia that has left doctors mystified.
The Foundation's key objectives include: Total rehabilitation of persons with paraplegia and quadriplegia/ tetraplegia; and supporting SCI survivors by sourcing affordable aids, equipment, and counselling assistance so that they can regain their independence.
Acute spinal cord injury: tetraplegia and paraplegia in small animals.
The incomplete injuries, on the other hand, are of two types, the tetraplegia and paraplegia.
Materials and methods: Six patients with spastic tetraplegia CP aged 3-15 years were enrolled in this study.
Segundo o nivel da lesao, e classificada em tetraplegia, quando ha acometimento do movimento voluntario de tronco, membros superiores e inferiores, ou paraplegia, no caso de comprometimento de tronco e membros inferiores (4).