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Having four times the haploid number of chromosomes in the cell nucleus: a tetraploid species.
A tetraploid individual.

tet′ra·ploi′dy n.
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(Biology) a tetraploid state
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(19,24-26) Rare examples of PHMs exhibit triandric tetraploidy (3 paternal and 1 maternal chromosome complements).
2004), but little is known about the effects of having a higher ploidy level, such as tetraploidy, on the development of gamete cells and on the hermaphrodite condition or the development of the characteristic sexually divided gonad sac, where both ovary and testis are present simultaneously in defined proportions in diploids, and it is probably an inheritable characteristic because it is retained from one generation to the next (Mason 1958, Beninger & Le Pennec 2006), indicating that there must be a genetic determination/differentiation system involved in the gonad structuration.
The new technique will be added to the company's EmbryVu testing service, making it the first NGS-based PGS platform that can identify key chromosomal abnormalities including haploidy, triploidy, and some forms of tetraploidy and UPiD.
Tetraploidy and partial endoreduplication in a tripronuclear zygote obtained after intracytoplasmic sperm injection.
Indeed, the prevalence of triploids and the recurrent formation of both triploid and tetraploid lineages suggests tetraploidy in Galax might commonly arise via a so-called triploid bridge (Harlan and de Wet, 1975; Ramsey and Schemske, 1998), as this process would be facilitated by overlapping flowering phenologies, shared pollinators, and self-incompatibility.
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Karyotype and erythrocyte size of spontaneous tetraploidy and triploidy in the loach Misgurnus anguillicaudatus.