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It is a linear structure with a repeating unit of tetrasaccharide. As emulsifier, suspension agent, thickener, stabilizer, gelling agent, tissue culture medium, film former and lubricant, gellan gum has been widely used in many fields, such as food additives industry, daily-chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.
The saponin a-tomatine is a steroidal glycoalkaloid found in the root, stem, leaf, flower, and green fruit of tomato, comprising an aglycone moiety as tomatidine and also a tetrasaccharide moiety.
Gellan gum is an exocellular polysaccharide secreted from the bacterium Sphingomonas elodea and consists of repeating tetrasaccharide of glucuronic acid, rhamnose, and glucose [26, 27].
The retention factors of monosaccharides (glucose and fructose) was 0.6, sucrose, 0.5, trisaccharide (similar to 1-kestose standard solution), 0.4, and tetrasaccharide (similar to nystose standard solution), 0.3.
By considering all stereochemical alternatives, eleven isomers can be produced when a disaccharide is formed, 120 for a trisaccharide, and 1424 for a tetrasaccharide (Fig.
The ego pathway for Module 2 was CLEC7A/inflammasome pathway (P=4.69E-02), while for Module 3 was A tetrasaccharide linker sequence, required for GAG synthesis (P=4.97E-02), and for Module 6 was Rho GTPase cycle (P=2.78E-02).
Interestingly, besides an increase in neutrophil number, as seen in experimental data from hypercortisolemic conditions [27, 28], the neutrophils of all CS patients showed a tendency to express activation markers like FC receptor CD16 and tetrasaccharide adhesion marker CD15, an association that persists in multiregression analysis.
The addition of this tetrasaccharide provides an external face for binding by extracellular signals.
A tetrasaccharide was present in the SBS I site of [AmyB.sub.acr] and [AmyB.sub.mal7-acx].
A tetrasaccharide antigen found on the lipophosphoglycan membrane of the genus Leishmania may be explored using a synthetic carbohydrate-based vaccine for the treatment of leishmaniasis [37].
Selectins interact weakly with small sialylated, fucosylated oligosaccharides, such as the tetrasaccharide sialylLewisx, and they bind with higher affinity to glycans displayed on glycoproteins or proteoglycans.