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Noun1.text-matching - a computer program that looks for text that matches a given text; "Google uses text-matching to find web pages containing a particular text"
computer program, computer programme, programme, program - (computer science) a sequence of instructions that a computer can interpret and execute; "the program required several hundred lines of code"
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Consistent with best practice, increasing numbers of journals all over the world now employ text-matching software to screen manuscripts submitted.
Students at Aberystwyth are required to submit course work assignments online through the Turnitin text-matching tool, which helps staff detect and investigate possible cases of plagiarism.
Turnitin is a large-scale, text-matching system (Turnitin.com, 2016) that is used in many education institutions world-wide as a means of detecting plagiarism.
The system employs a sophisticated text-matching algorithm that accurately links content to places down to the building level, without the need for addresses, latitude/longitude or in some cases even the name of a city.
"We're examining the annotation at a very granular level versus using entity extraction versus using text-matching algorithms," she says.
The first was from a large study that used text-matching software to mine 280 000 entries in arXiv, an open-access database for publications in mathematics, physics, biology, statistics, and computer science(2).
Text-matching searches are good, says Schmitt, but they aren't always complete.
Google combines PageRanking (in which the relative importance of a document is measured by the member of links to it) with sophisticated text-matching techniques to retrieve precise, relevant, and comprehensive search results (Brin & Page, 1998).
"Right now, they use stupid text-matching systems," he says.