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Noun1.textile mill - a factory for making textilestextile mill - a factory for making textiles  
cotton mill - a textile mill for making cotton textiles
factory, manufactory, manufacturing plant, mill - a plant consisting of one or more buildings with facilities for manufacturing
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Meanwhile power supply from Dowakhari, Shah Suwariya, Ashraf Colony, Malari, Mochiwala Road, City, Gohar Industrial Mills, Hamza Board Mills, Mongi Road, Scarp, Toba Road, Pensara Road, Railway Road, Lal Shah, Jhang Road, Kathoor, Shalimar, Gulberg, Hasan Limited, Gojra, Ashiyana and Nia Lahore feeders emanating from 132-KV Gojra grid station, Pakka Anna, Nia Lahore-1, HAR Textile Mills, Mukhtar Textile Mill, Sehrash Textile Mill, Nia Lahore-2, Pensara, Syed Abad-1, Syed Abad-2 and Gojra Mor feeders originating from 132-KV Nia Lahore grid station and all feeders emanating from 66-KV Ashiyana grid station will also remain suspended from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm and then from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm on Friday (March 9).
JS*140583044 Placing yarn onto a machine inside a mill, pictured in June 1949 JS*140581793 A group looking at machinery in a textile mill in August 1949 JS*140582970 A worker was placing reels of yarn onto a machine in September 1949 JS*140583047 Stretching out the cloth in a textile mill JS*140583122 Hard at work in June 1949 JS*140582046 Inside a textile mill in June 1949 JS*140582045 Mills were packed full of machinery.
ITFC co-hosted the B2B Meeting along with the Bangladesh Textile Mill Association and Bangladesh Cotton Association.
Most present Worcester County residents will recognize the brick building that was the textile mill as the former Millbrook Distributors warehouse and the mansion as a restaurant and lounge.
Mumbai Hundreds of Republican Party of India activists yesterday barged inside a state-run closed textile mill in Dadar, north-central Mumbai and vandalised it as they intensified their call for 12.
According to the PESSI sources, an amount of over Rs 50 million is outstanding against these textile mill owners.
Otterburn found itself in the royal spotlight when Queen Alexandra visited Alnwick Castle and was presented with a travelling rug from the village textile mill.
Now, under the auspices of European Capital of Culture, Lille plays host to the next generation of Super Dutch superstars with Lars Spuybroek's remodelling of a nineteenth-century textile mill to house various cultural activities.
Tell each group to create skits that promote good working conditions in a 19th-century textile mill.
Many people imagine workers in a rural textile mill or recent immigrants laboring in the fields.
The textile mill category lost 4,700 seasonally adjusted jobs in August against July to employ 259,600 people, while textile mill products lost 7,000 jobs to employ 177,000.

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