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1. A theory of legal interpretation emphasizing the importance of the everyday meanings of the words used in statutes.
2. Strict adherence to a text, especially of the Scriptures.
3. Textual criticism, especially of the Scriptures.

tex′tu·al·ist n.


(ˈtɛks tʃu ə lɪst)

a person versed the Scriptures.
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Renowned textualist Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio invoked the Constitution's Article XI, Section 2: removal of all nonimpeachable officials is prescribed by law.
an original meaning textualist, a dynamic interpreter, or a pragmatist.
Though Rehnquist correctly argued on behalf of judicial deference to legislative interpretations of the Constitution and against such judicial monstrosities as gay marriage, Jaffa showed that his textualist position lacked philosophical grounding.
He is a textualist, does not automatically defer to government authority, takes a broad view of standing, is a clear writer, and is unfailingly gracious with his colleagues.
natural one if they assumed Scalia was a strict textualist whose
Gorsuch's dissent makes clear that he is a textualist, meaning he looks solely to the plain meaning of a statute without regard to its context or congressional intent in enacting it.
For someone who describes himself as a strict constructionist as a so-called textualist his judicial ruling on corporate rights in the Hobby Lobby case was one of the biggest distortions of our sacred principle of individual rights that Ive ever seen.
Scalia was known as the originalist, the textualist and, most important, the conservative.
This "vertical history" is apparently more attractive, or less unattractive, to textualist Justices than is traditional legislative history commentary such as committee reports.
Among other things, the above-identified need to attribute to Congress practical intentions calls into question the textualist claim that, when interpreting a statute, one should prioritize so-called "semantic context" over "policy context.
Throughout his career, Justice Lawson has been committed to a textualist approach to the law, and I am confident he will continue to uphold the rule of law and protect the Constitution," said Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Fredrick Lauten.
Judge Collyer held that the government's textualist argument "is a most curious and convoluted argument," she wrote, "whose mother was undoubtedly necessity.