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n. pl. tex·tu·al·i·ties
The state or quality of language as it is used in written texts.
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Among specific topics are textuality of online media, orality and literacy in cinema and television, the role of small languages in the media: the presence of Romanian in medial communication, broadcast advertising: issues of linguistic research with special regard to Italy and France, and software localization into Romance languages.
Collaboratively compiled and deftly edited by the team of Islamic art history expert Oleg Grabar (Harvard University and the Institute for Advanced Study), and Cynthia Robinson (University of New Mexico and who specializes in the visual and literary cultures of the medieval Iberian peninsula), "Islamic Art and Arabic Literature: Textuality and Visuality in the Islamic World" breaks new ground in the field of Middle Eastern art history.
Scottish Gothic is concerned with the textuality of daily existence, Baker argues, a world experienced through the accumulation of often contradictory narratives.
Building on Robert Epstein's notion of "spectacular textuality," Sponsler argues for "alimentary spectacle in which the performance is consumed by the spectator through the act of eating" (149).
Ritual Textuality is a finely honed, slender volume that combines selected cases from fieldwork with a sophisticated theory of ritual motion, or more precisely the 'entextualisation' of religious performances (3).
Bell constructed, so to speak, a modern institutional roof over the Malabar children's open-air classroom, blending the traditional bricks-and-mortar Enlightenment education centred on ink and paper with an indigenous ad hoc mode of learning that relied on the textuality of the earth.
The contributors explore the textuality of literary-cultural productions from the new perspectives opened up by the theorizing of a rising China as a nation, and engage with the rearticulation of diasporic Chinesesness at a moment when new technologies are liberalizing speech within diasporic communities.
After warning that biography can be a risky tool when applied to women's writing, Wright notes that biographical factors can indeed "help both to reconstruct the literary and social contexts for Southwell's writing and also to decode the complex textuality of her manuscripts" (18).
68) and in undermining the illusion of orality by continued reference to the tales' textuality and material existence as words on a page.
Within the context of the textuality of urban discourses, the will to acquire the status of truth is focused.
As Spivak puts it, inscriptions are lexicalized into the textuality of the viewer.
Before considering some of the interesting approaches to the ancient novel's textuality offered by this collection of essays, we may ask ourselves what it means to write today on the ancient novel's textuality, whether the present volume's emphasis on the written dimension of ancient prose fiction is in fact new, and how exactly it contributes to our understanding of the ancient novel's textuality in light of its last few decades of research.