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tr.v. tex·tu·al·ized, tex·tu·al·iz·ing, tex·tu·al·iz·es
To render (an oral narrative, for example) in written form, especially in a permanent, rigid, or authoritative form.

tex′tu·al·i·za′tion (-ə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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De Quincey constructs what I term a literary model of habit one that redeploys the supernatural, the exotic, and the comically absurd in texts from Shakespeare to Dickens to textualize readymade images of cultural anxieties about habit.
Several moments in 'Tis Pity replicate the anatomy theatre in order to textualize the female body.
Lessing's approach in Laokoon was instrumental for Herder and for Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749-1832) who acknowledged how path breaking it was for a better understanding of the limits between painting and poetry but, as I argue in this essay, also for a more effective approach to textualize the visual.
We would be hard put to find a literary or artistic work that does not thematize or in some way textualize feelings of pleasure and pain.
Unlike the United States Constitution which does not expressly textualize judicial review (first explained in the leading case of Marbury v.
Film and fashion show, as in Fellini's Roma, are signifying machines that textualize cities and countries.
To argue that the here-and-now reality of fieldwork experience in anthropological writings is in lack is to presume that Schutz's ontological break exists such that the observer consciously denies the world of consociates and deliberately exerts his/her authority to textualize the experience of the other at a distance, both temporally and spatially--"within the world of contemporaries.
Suffice to say, Champourcin continues to textualize her desire for connection with the other.
What Black (and by implication Pamuk) has to accomplish is a radical reversal of tradition: miniatures were conceived to illustrate well-known stories, but here Black must conceive new-style stories to textualize the new style of paintings.
Not only does FIND textualize electronic data, it adds that all-important coding data.
In any case, this earlier interruption of poetic narrative by military crisis simply confirms Boiardo's reluctance to textualize historical violence.
But to textualize expressive culture in preparation for scientific study eliminated from consideration all the levels of perception and associated experience that had enthralled scholars in the first place.