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1. A structure of interwoven fibers or other elements.
2. The distinctive physical composition or structure of something, especially with respect to the size, shape, and arrangement of its parts: the texture of sandy soil; the texture of cooked fish.
a. The appearance and feel of a surface: the smooth texture of soap.
b. A rough or grainy surface quality: Brick walls give a room texture.
4. Distinctive or identifying quality or character: "an intensely meditative poet [who] conveys the religious and cultural texture of time spent in a Benedictine monastery" (New York Times).
5. The quality given to a piece of art, literature, or music by the interrelationship of its elements: "The baroque influence in his music is clear here, with the harmonic complexity and texture" (Rachelle Roe).
tr.v. tex·tured, tex·tur·ing, tex·tures
To give texture to, especially to impart desirable surface characteristics to: texture a printing plate by lining and stippling it.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin textūra, from textus, past participle of texere, to weave; see text.]

tex′tur·al adj.
tex′tur·al·ly adv.
tex′tured adj.
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Argentinian scientists wanted to determine how polysaccharides, water and proteins would affect the viscoelastic and textural properties of gluten-free corn starch and flour-based dough used for pasta production.
Contract notice:A multifunctional X-ray diffractometer with Cu tube and multi-axis goniometer can be obtained, which can be used for qualitative and quantitative phase analyzes, structural analysis, high-resolution X-ray diffraction for the preparation of rocking curves and reciprocal lattice maps, diffraction under grazing incidence and residual stress and textural measurements.
This research work proposed a plant classification system using textural and geometrical features from leaf images.
Textural study shows that some of the plagioclase is formed by transformation of orthoclase along with wormlike intergrowth of quartz, giving rise to myrmekitic texture.
Red Stones's collaborative effort sees Jonas Zdanys's precision of language in these twelve-line lyric poems contrasting with the textural abstractions of Steven Schroeder's paintings.
Garnet porphyroblasts in metamorphic rocks provide valuable information on the processes of crystal nucleation and growth for two reasons (Miyashita, 1996): (1) they usually contain internal textural zones and inclusion trails that aid in correlating the timing of garnet growth under specific conditions with deformation and metamorphism (e.
TEXTURAL contrast is a really important element of a colour scheme.
The rest of part I discusses textural solutions for egg and gelatin replacement, low fat ice cream, using whey proteins in reduced fat foods, breaded and battered foods, multi-textured foods such as tacos, granola bars, and layered wafer cookies, and gluten-free and enhanced-fiber starchy foods.
The textural layers of the soil profiles differ due to differing environments of deposition.
Into our soup we're going to pop a small poached pear, for textural contrast and that heavenly flavour combination.
Previous research has used one of two methods: the optical feature method, and the textural and material feature method.
Measuring key textural parameters such as brittleness, toughness and crispiness, the Ice Cream Cone Support Rig from Stable Micro Systems reliably informs cone formulation and design, for optimum consumer acceptance and product success.