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n. pl. thal·a·mi (-mī′)
A large ovoid mass of gray matter situated in the posterior part of the forebrain that relays sensory impulses to the cerebral cortex.

[Latin, inner chamber, from Greek thalamos.]

tha·lam′ic (thə-lăm′ĭk) adj.


a. talámico-a, rel. al tálamo.
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Understanding the role of thalamic circuits and their modulation by other brain areas is important for several reasons.
The study, titled "Exoscope-Assisted Surgery for Deep-Seated Intraparenchymal Tumor," emphasizes the usefulness of VBAS, a clear tube retractor, in combination with Karl Storz's VITOM telescope, an exoscope visualization device, for biopsy or removal of deep-seated tumors, including thalamic gliomas and malignant lymphomas.
It has been suggested, and partly proven, that zolpidem disinhibits the globus pallidus interna, and in that way increases the thalamic excitatory role on the frontal lobes.
A scan had revealed she had a thalamic brain abscess, a rare condition that can be fatal if not treated quickly.
Deeper brain structures also showed differences between attentional and emotional stimuli, and activation changed over time: "Finally, targets elicited more caudate activation at baseline but not at week 8 relative to both distractor types, while emotional distractors elicited more thalamic activation at week 8 but not at baseline relative to neutrals and targets," said Dr.
Their study confirms that this pathway, the medial prefrontal cortex via a thalamic nucleus to the hippocampus, does.
The diagnoses among these patients were subarachnoid hemorrhage (n = 8), traumatic brain injury (n = 4), intracerebral hemorrhage (n = 3), malignant middle cerebral artery infarction (n = 2), and thalamic infarction (n = 1; Table 1).
The initial cranial computed tomography scan indicated a superior thalamic hemorrhage.
Studies of young infants with perinatal problems report serious damage to thalamic and subcortical brain areas that are important to both visual and emotional processing (Ricci et al.
Neurosurgeons, pain specialists, and other physicians from the US and Asia consider morphological brain changes; how thalamic burst-firing in response to experimental pain stimuli and in patients with chronic neuropathic pain may be a carrier for pain-related signals; brain activity in patients with chronic neuropathic pain resulting from input deafferentation, brachial plexus avulsion, lateral thalamic vascular accident, and pain related to peripheral sources; surgical interventions; and thalamocortical abnormalities in spinal cord injury pain.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan has 7 million known cases of thalassaemia and it is important to create awareness about thalassaemia test before marriage to control the increasing number of thalamic patients, expert says.