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Adj.1.thalamocortical - relating to or connecting the cortex and thalamus; "the thalamocortical system"
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Interestingly, volumetric neuroimaging studies have shown lower gray matter volume in prefrontal cortex and insula in patients with delusions and major depression.[14],[15] We think that the lesions in the CS might have resulted in this clinic by disrupting the thalamocortical connections to the prefrontal cortex (suggested to be involved in psychiatric manifestations previously)[14],[15] which were basically located in the CS.
Even for those who want to argue that the pain signal must be processed by the cortex to qualify, there is now evidence that the thalamic and subcortical structures are sufficiently mature, and have the necessary thalamocortical connections, in the words of Harvard anesthesiologist Roland Brusseau, that by the 20th gestational week, "it would appear possible that fetuses could experience something approximating 'pain'" (Brusseau and Myers, Journal of Emergency Nursing, 2006).
By affecting the vagus nerve, VNS creates stimulated potentials in the ventroposterior complex of the thalamus and the intralaminar areas, which in turn by the thalamocortical pathways create effects on the hypothalamus, amygdala and other cortical structures (such as ventromedial prefrontal cortex) (29, 30).
A possible pathogenesis of PD with sleep disturbance include thalamocortical pathway degeneration and changes of neurotransmitter systems.[3] The etiology of sleep disturbance is multifactorial, involving degeneration of areas regulating sleep, sleep structure affected by drugs, sleep disturbance induced by drug, and sleep fragmentation by multiple factors.[3] Although three reviews on the sleep disturbances of PD have recently been published, there is no consensus of recommendations on the management of PD patients with sleep disturbance.[1],[3],[10]
The circuitry controls movement through the pallidosubthalamic pathways' influence on the thalamocortical tracts.
[14,19] The feeling of pain is dependent on a thalamocortical connection; supporting evidence illustrating fetal thalamocortical connection is limited.
Maturational differences in thalamocortical white matter microstructure and auditory evoked response latencies in autism spectrum disorders.
On the other hand, the direct pathway from the striatum to the internal globus pallidus is maintained in the classical (common) form, which suppress the pallido-thalamic inhibitory pathway, then activation of the thalamocortical pathway and motor cortex takes place.
A decrease in reaction time indicates an improved sensory-motor performance and enhanced processing ability at the primary thalamocortical level of central nervous system.
First synthesized in the 1960s, ketamine's primary site of action in the central nervous system seems to be the thalamocortical projection system, said Dr.
Restoration of thalamocortical connectivity after recovery from persistent vegetative state.