thalassaemia major

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Noun1.thalassaemia major - a fatal form of homozygous thalassemia (inherited from both parents) in which there is no hemoglobin; skeletal deformations; heart and spleen and liver enlarged
Mediterranean anaemia, Mediterranean anemia, thalassaemia, thalassemia - an inherited form of anemia caused by faulty synthesis of hemoglobin
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The CHMP recommended for approval the generic medicine Deferasirox Mylan (deferasirox), for the treatment of chronic iron overload due to blood transfusions in patients with beta thalassaemia major, non-transfusion-dependent thalassaemia syndromes and other anaemias.
High prevalence of low bone mass in thalassaemia major. Br J Haematol 1998;103:911-915.
LAHORE -- The registered number of Thalassaemia major patients in Pakistan stands at around 60,000 while as many as 6,000 thalassaemia carriers are adding up in some 12 million carriers across the country, piling up the burden every passing year.
Thalassaemia is a genetic blood disorder and treatment for those with thalassaemia major included regular blood transfusions as well as medications.
Beta thalassaemia major can be fatal due to the extensive blood transfusions needed.
Beta thalassaemia major can also be fatal due to the extensive blood transfusions needed.
He added that the biggest beneficiaries of this new infrastructure and blood sector reforms are the thalassaemia major patients.
Mild subclinical hypothyroidism in thalassaemia major: prevalence, multigated radionuclide test, clinical and laboratory long-term follow up study.
Non-completion of children hospitals in Mardan and Charsadda and wrapping up of thalassaemia major project by the government have worried PPA, which wants the government to pay attention to the major child health projects where 90 per cent of the money has already spent.
Effects of deferiprone on immune status and cytokine pattern in thalassaemia major. Acta Haematol.
The doctors say, it is Thalassaemia Major and the only treatment is bone-marrow transplant which can be done at PIMS Islamabad.
It is estimated that about 100,000 patients are presently suffering from thalassaemia major, the severe form of the disorder.