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Variant of taler.


(ˈtɑːlə) or


n, pl -ler or -lers
(Currencies) a former German, Austrian, or Swiss silver coin
[from German; see dollar]


or ta•ler

(ˈtɑ lər)

n., pl. -ler, -lers.
any of various former large coins of various German states.
[1780–90; < German; see dollar]
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Even I, a poor secretary of the Russian Embassy, do not feel any need in token of my joy to give my Franz a thaler, or let him go with his Liebchen to the Prater.
At a wayside restaurant I partook of an omelette and some wine, and was charged for the idyllic repast a thaler and a half.
RICHARD THALER WON the 2017 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics.
Thaler explains how to use electrocardiography in real-life clinical contexts, not in isolation but as one piece--though often an important piece--of the puzzle that every patient presents.
Richard Thaler of the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business, an NBER research associate for more than 25 years, was awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his research in behavioral economics.
amp;nbsp;As per Thaler, a professor of economics at the University of Chicago, first of all, you should find out the amount of money you require to pay as total annual premiums for both low and high-deductible plans.
The winner of this year's Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, Richard Thaler of the University of Chicago, is a controversial choice.
Thaler is the rare economist to win a measure of fame before winning the prize.
It was widely expected that it would recognise the work of the American economist Richard H Thaler.
Richard Thaler was already a rock star among economists before he was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences last week.
Strictly speaking, Thaler is using the term "rational" in the economic sense, rather than the broader conversational sense.
Richard Thaler has just won an extremely well deserved Nobel Prize in Economics.