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A plural of thallus.
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Mycobiont-photobiont interactions in adult thalli and in axenically resynthesized pre-thallus stages of Xanthoriaparietina (Teloschistales, lichenized Ascomycetes).Biblioth.Lichenol.38:191-208.
(2016) suggested the Gompertz model appropriate for modelling the growth in Thalli sheep.
There are no equivalent tropical data that I know of, but Cao, Zhang, Zheng, Liu, and Zhou (2015) reported similar results in Antarctic lichens: species with a tufted thallus were better protected from external conditions than those with low lying thalli. And the classic studies by Kershaw and colleagues in Canada found that tall lichens have thermic and moisture gradients, from the top layer, which closely matches environmental fluctuations, to the lower levels, where conditions are milder and moisture is often high, and the taller the lichen, the larger the gradient (Kershaw, & Field, 1975; Kershaw, & Smith, 1978).
The cyclocrinitids preserved in the Takche Formation have flattened thalli and show a high degree of compaction.
The presence of chambered-shaped Epiphyton thalli from Furongian bioherms in the North China Platform refutes the theory of Epiphyton extinction at the end of Cambrian series 3.
Later, KTR went to Telangana Bhavan and garlanded the statue of "Telangana Thalli" and party ideologue Prof K Jayashankar.
Histologically, the organism is found in three different forms within infected tissue foci: sporangia containing mature and immature endospores and thalli (Smolowitz et al.
The isolated strain was cultured in LB medium for 2 d at 39[degrees]C and the thalli were collected.
The M and N allele frequencies were higher and lower respectively in Lori (63.8 and 36.2) (Asadi et al., 2012), Dalagh (55.5 and 44.5), (Azari et al., 2012), Thalli, Atabi (81.0 and 19.0) (Suleman et al., 2012; Nanekarani et al., 2011), Polish-Merino (76.2 and 23.8), Blackhead mutton (81.4 and 18.6) (Szkudlarek-Kowalczyk et al., 2011) and Iranian Karakul (79.0 and 21.0) (Shahroudi et al., 2006) sheep breeds.
12 18) nor the unhealthy and dead thalli of common species observed on mature trees on the ridgetops in the study area (Fig.