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 (thăl′oid′) also thal·loi·dal (thə-loid′l)
Of, resembling, or constituting a thallus.
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(ˈθæl ɔɪd)

pertaining to, resembling, or consisting of a thallus.
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Adj.1.thalloid - of or relating to or resembling or consisting of a thallus
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Leafy liverworts genera (Jungermanniales) predominantly associate with the members of Sebaciana species and thalloid liverworts associate nearly exclusively with Tulasnella species (Bidartondo & Duckett, 2010; Pressel et al., 2010).
(27.) Crandall-Stotler BJ, Stotler FRE, Evolutionary trends in the simple thalloid liverworts (Marchantiophyta, Jungermanniopsida subclass Metzgeriidae), Taxon 54, 299-316, 2005.
(2015) also reported improved daytime feeding activity in greenlip abalone fed a formulated diet that was designed and processed to have a physical structure that mimicked the thalloid structure of Ulva sp.; further suggesting the provision of tactile stimulation is important.
Thalloid divisions are compressed at the beginning points, and a transverse wall could be seen in the vicinity of them.
The Metzgeriales species are usually "thalloid plants"; the thallus has a thick and flattened central midrib and thinner lateral wings undivided or more or less dissected into lobes.