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 (thăl′oid′) also thal·loi·dal (thə-loid′l)
Of, resembling, or constituting a thallus.


(ˈθæl ɔɪd)

pertaining to, resembling, or consisting of a thallus.
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Adj.1.thalloid - of or relating to or resembling or consisting of a thallus
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2015) also reported improved daytime feeding activity in greenlip abalone fed a formulated diet that was designed and processed to have a physical structure that mimicked the thalloid structure of Ulva sp.
Thalloid divisions are compressed at the beginning points, and a transverse wall could be seen in the vicinity of them.
Most species are long lasting and exhibit thalloid, crustose, or filamentous forms.
In this scenario, the land could have been populated by extremely simple thalloid or even filamentous gametophytes that produced gametes and zygotes.
Membrane integrity, oxidative damage and chlorophyll fluorescence during dehydration of the thalloid liverwort Monoclea forsteri Hook.
Rare in crevices in NE-facing wadi wall cliff-face, with Onychium divaricatum, Cheilanthes acrostica, blue-green thalloid liverwort, mosses, etc.