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n. Geology
1. The line defining the lowest points along the length of a river bed or valley.
2. A subterranean stream.

[German Talweg, Thalweg : Tal, Thal, valley (from Middle High German tal, from Old High German) + Weg, way (from Middle High German wec, weg, from Old High German weg; see wegh- in Indo-European roots).]
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(ˈtɑːlvɛɡ) or


1. (Physical Geography) the longitudinal outline of a riverbed from source to mouth
2. (Physical Geography) the line of steepest descent from any point on the land surface
[C19: from German, from Thal valley + Weg way, path]
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Noun1.thalweg - the middle of the chief navigable channel of a waterway that forms the boundary line between states
bound, boundary, edge - a line determining the limits of an area
2.thalweg - a line following the lowest points of a valley
contour, contour line - a line drawn on a map connecting points of equal height
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Now, the two sides have "decided to rapidly start joint dredging operations in Shatt al Arab in a bid to restore the thalweg in the main channel in which ships can sail."
The deal determined the water boundary along Shatt Al-Arab in line with the centerline (thalweg).
"By putting these woody structures into the toe of the streambank, we're trying to dissipate the energy and move the erosive current, called a thalweg, to the center of the bend," Bigham said.
As discharge increases in the spring, RSTs are often relocated out of the thalweg to slower portions of the river transect to avoid woody debris and decrease mechanical stress on the sampling equipment.
Vickswood Credit Union 107 Thalweg Dr., Vicksburg, MS 39183
We took one-litre samples from a depth of 0.1 m from the thalweg, stored them in polyethylene bottles in the dark at 4[degrees]C, and made chemical analyses within 24 h.
In 2011 we measured thalweg (location of the greatest discharge along a stream cross-section) depth (m) at each width location.
Groundwater discharge generally occurs through groundwater-dependent wetlands and riparian vegetation, pumping (primarily for irrigation) and discharge to streams, mostly along the valley thalweg.
This gauge was intermittently functional during the study period due to low flows and sediment buildup that isolated the gauge from the thalweg but was functional during high flows.
The ISs, predominantly represented by Typha sp., are aggregated as a species that indicates degraded environments and do not offer any benefit to the local ecosystems (Linz & Homan, 2011), being a consequence of erosion processes and thalweg silting.