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(ðæts; unstressed ðəts)
1. contraction of that is: That's mine.
2. contraction of that has: That's got more leaves.
References in classic literature ?
She had all the "beaux" that heart could desire, for nine-tenths of the Freshmen and a big fraction of all the other classes were rivals for her smiles.
It was not until she had got her first letters that she began to think she could ever like Kingsport or feel at home there.
For three years the Sophomores had won in the "rush"; that the victory of this year perched upon the Freshmen's banner was attributed to the strategic generalship of Gilbert Blythe, who marshalled the campaign and originated certain new tactics, which demoralized the Sophs and swept the Freshmen to triumph.
That this came about so speedily was due in great measure to Philippa Gordon.
If they won't all the money we've been giving to Foreign Missions will be clean wasted, that's what!
"When I feel that I must have some excitement I read the murder trials in that Boston paper my niece sends me.
She recollected the youth of Elizabeth, and thought it no difficult task, under present appearances, to exercise that power indirectly which hitherto she had enjoyed undisputed.
“As she lay, on that day, in the Bay of Biscay, 0!”
The instant the door closed on Miss Temple, Remark able commenced a sort of mysterious, ambiguous discourse, that was neither abusive nor commendatory of the qualities of the absent personage, but which seemed to be drawing nigh, by regular degrees, to a most dissatisfied description.
“Did you ever!” cried Remarkable, with a laugh that seemed to unhinge every joint in her body.
One sits still, and, for the most part; says nothing, while the church folks practyse all kinds of ways, so that I sometimes think it quite moosical to see them; for I went to a church- meeting once before, down country.”
“It was quite a wordy sarmon that Parson Grant gave us to-night,” said Remarkable.