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 (thô′mə-tûrj′) also thau·ma·tur·gist (-tûr′jĭst)
A performer of miracles or magic feats.

[Greek thaumatourgos : thauma, thaumat-, wonder + ergon, work; see werg- in Indo-European roots.]


(Ecclesiastical Terms) rare a performer of miracles; magician. Also: thaumaturgist or thaumaturgus
[C18: from Medieval Latin thaumaturgus, from Greek thaumatourgos miracle-working, from thaumato- + -ourgos working, from ergon work]
ˈthaumaˌturgy, ˈthaumaˌturgism n


(ˈθɔ məˌtɜrdʒ)

also thau′ma•tur`gist,

a worker of wonders or miracles.
[1705–15; < Greek thaumatourgós=thaumat- (see thaumato-) + -ourgos working; see -urgy]
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Noun1.thaumaturge - one who practices magic or sorcerythaumaturge - one who practices magic or sorcery  
enchanter - a sorcerer or magician
exorciser, exorcist - someone who practices exorcism
magus - a magician or sorcerer of ancient times
occultist - a believer in occultism; someone versed in the occult arts
sorceress - a woman sorcerer
witch doctor - someone who is believed to heal through magical powers
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Pendant qu'on offre des dons votifs au thaumaturge, les gens de ce dernier font le tour des aires de battage environnantes pour recueillir une part de U U[sup.3]aeU: fraction prelevee sur la recolte au profit des indigents.
These salons, presided over by the thaumaturge Peladan in his magnificence as "Sar," keyed into the period passion for the esoteric--a moment when artists (and the public, too) were drawn to a classical myth anticipatory of Freud, to a syncretic Catholicism that allowed for certain "Asianisms" to drift in, and to a new quattrocentism hyperbolized in the androgynous angels depicted in Leonardo da Vinci's two variants of Virgin of the Rocks.
And he will have to resist those of his supporters who, in the heady glow of victory, would have him be both demiurge and thaumaturge.
Naviguer dans ce milieu equivaut ainsi a se poser en tant que thaumaturge d'un paysage dont le systeme des objets, dans toutes ses declinaisons, n'est que la porte d'entree.
After first chalking this number in place on the blackboard, the tuxedoed thaumaturge at once fills in the rest of the equation as follows:
"To make sense of Joseph the mystic and thaumaturge," Gross insists, "we need to expand the prevailing concept of mind" (p.
Cress is a skilled hacker who has spent most of her life living on a satellite doing lunar thaumaturge, as Sybil Mira has commanded her--or so Sybil thinks.
Here, the composer isn't exalted to thaumaturge status, but, like the listener, in thrall to the wonders of nature and chance.
The nineteen essays fall under three rubrics: (1) "Reflections on the Jewish Jesus," which includes considerations of Jesus, e.g., within the merkebah tradition (Bruce Chilton) and as an ancient Jewish thaumaturge (James F.
(959) On comprend moins en revanche que Pascal se prenne lui-meme pour un thaumaturge:
Whether martyr, thaumaturge, or teacher of the faith, each captive woman served in an apostolic or evangelistic capacity despite the general reluctance of our historians to ascribe the title "apostle" to their female protagonists.