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The working of miracles or magic feats.

thau′ma·tur′gic, thau′ma·tur′gi·cal adj.


(ˌθɔːməˈtɜːdʒɪk) or


(Ecclesiastical Terms) pertaining to thaumaturgy
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Having, brought about by, or relating to supernatural powers or magic:
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As in the liberalist tradition as a whole, the thaumaturgic force amending injustice and benefiting all will spontaneously evolve from the pursuit of self-interest (Ruggiero 2013b).
God's thaumaturgic gift to Adam, and the postscript of Babel,
MAGSITAYO PO TAYOUNG LAHAT!" That had a thaumaturgic effect, the audience practically jumped at attention.It must have been his authoritative booming baritone!
We now turn to thaumaturgic cures that involved insanity and restraint.In religious texts, some of the carceral terms apply to pious experience and practice, as a religious precedent exists for the use of force for spiritual or bodily cure.
Faith is considered by Brownson (1854: 54) as being a true "thaumaturgic" or wonder-working force: "[f]aith is thaumaturgic, always a miracle-worker." Faith is the key of access to total freedom, which in the last analysis means the very subjection of the elements of nature (as Prospero proceeded in Shakespeare's The Tempest) by the human mind / will--as according to Christ's ideas regarding the practically unlimited power of pure faith: by sheer will, through faith, the mountains could be removed.
But, to the believer, a display and effectiveness of what Joaquin called the Virgin's thaumaturgic powers when she wield[ed] her mighty beads in favor of a handful of islands: the small necklace-like archipelago that had been named after the brother of the Lepanto hero.
Before arriving at the main point, De' Sommi sets out to demonstrate, in his eclectic fashion, the perfection of the number 5 by offering mathematical and thaumaturgic evidence.
This sense of Cohen's superlative status is further underlined on the soundtrack by the lyrics of his song "Waiting for the Miracle." We hear Cohen intone: "Baby I've been waiting /I've been waiting night and day/I didn't see the time/I waited half my life away/There were lots of invitations /I know you sent me some/But I was waiting for the miracle, for the miracle to come." Again, these words position Cohen as an individual willing to forsake his average existence in the pursuit of something thaumaturgic.
Speculative non-buddhism suspects that buddhemic utterance, like the employment of all borrowed language, is a sign of evasion, of taking comfort in the warm embrace of the thaumaturgic sangha.
For all of the hyperbole of the Xi jing za ji account, it conceivably describes a real sword; it scarcely matches the thaumaturgic origins of Liu Bang's sword recounted in San fu huang tu, a work perhaps initially compiled at the end of the Han or beginning of the Wei.
The legend of this Marian icon involves not only its thaumaturgic properties but also the icon's miraculous power of self-propulsion and its ability to determine its own preferred location.
Like Peter, the other leading thaumaturgic saints of Moscow, Aleksii and Iona, were native Russians: Aleksii (d.