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The working of miracles or magic feats.

thau′ma·tur′gic, thau′ma·tur′gi·cal adj.
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Having, brought about by, or relating to supernatural powers or magic:
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By inserting this compositional element, the illustrators expanded the range of the beneficiaries of the new Muscovite royal woman saint's thaumaturgical power from that of her fellow nuns in the Kremlin monastery to all who believed in her and visited her grave.
EB You've said some musical tricks are cheap, but also "I believed in the thaumaturgical, the wonder work like the kind that snatched my father from the fiery wreck of WWII and dropped him into elementary school.
The consequence of adoption of a thaumaturgical etiology were the corresponding diagnostic methods (clairvoyance, revelation, etc.
The Florentine duke, for instance, never advanced a claim to thaumaturgical powers or mythical ancestry.
Newspaper columnists angrily blamed the uncritical theocentric attitude held by some Nigerian high officials, who patronise the churches for their much-touted thaumaturgical ability.
Ramey values the persistent interest of many Western philosophers in the "theurgical, thaumaturgical, mystical, alchemical, kabalistic, or theosophical," but primarily as symptoms of a mode of thought that, when made explicit, positions its practitioners "as bastard and nomadic outliers of philosophy, heretical outcasts of theology, or as reactionaries interfering with the full realization of reason, enlightenment, and progressive politics" (7).
The word "Buddhist" names a person who has performed a psychologically charged determination that Buddhism provides thaumaturgical refuge.
Despite the legalization of some fairy dust, Henry's distaste for both groups blurs the moral and ethical division between Nimbus Thaumaturgical and the Nixies, bringing the practices of both groups into question.
But Henry has cause to believe that his likeable dad has been framed, and letters arrive casting blame on the dust-supplier Nimbus Thaumaturgical and the evil dwarf Skinner.