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n.1.Same as theave.
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Frank & Ernest" creator Bob Thaves noted that "a key goal for the site is to complement the comic strip in the newspaper.
This capability can be tailored so that individual papers can implement programs specifically for their readers," Thaves said.
com site also features caption contests, bulletin boards, information about Thaves and his comic, links to other sites, and more.
From the beginning, Thaves has done some innovative things.
I even get e-mail messages the same day a strip appears," added "Frank and Ernest" cartoonist Bob Thaves of Newspaper Enterprise Association.
But while Thaves also gets e-mail with that kind of content, he receives numerous electronic messages from people who just want to tell him they like "Frank and Ernest.
All told, Thaves receives about 100 e-mail transmissions a week, compared to about 10 or 20 letters.
Certainly, the demographics of the e-mail user differ from those of the regular mail user," remarked Thaves, who said he always remains keenly aware that the opinions of computer correspondents may not necessarily represent those of the population as a whole.
One such creator is "Frank and Ernest" cartoonist Bob Thaves, who spoke during a "Technology in the Studio" session at last month's National Cartoonists Society convention in La Jolla, Calif.
Thaves said he continues to do most of his art by hand because a computer can't duplicate the effect he gets with ink and paper.
But Thaves said he is "absolutely convinced" that technology eventually will enable artists to do better drawing on a computer than they can do today.
In the meantime, Thaves is taking advantage of the computer for certain things.