thaw out

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w>thaw out

vi (lit, fig)auftauen
vt sep (lit) frozen food etcauftauen (lassen); person, handsaufwärmen; (fig) personaus der Reserve locken; it took several whiskies to thaw him out (inf)er brauchte mehrere Whiskys, bis er auftaute or warm wurde
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He said at dinner that we would not try to reach the cattle-- they were fat enough to go without their corn for a day or two; but tomorrow we must feed them and thaw out their water-tap so that they could drink.
He put five sun-cured salmon into the oven to thaw out for the dogs, and from the water-hole filled his coffee-pot and cooking-pail.
The moisture from his breath had collected on his beard and frozen into a great mass of ice, and this he proceeded to thaw out. As it melted and dropped upon the stove it sizzled and rose about him in steam.