The masses

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If this trouble comes to pass, the indiscriminate right of suffrage bestowed upon the masses will be a dangerous weapon in their hands.
In order to live, a government, to-day as in the past, must press the strong men of the nation into its service, taking them from every quarter, so as to make them its defenders, and to remove from among the people the men of energy who incite the masses to insurrection.
It is even more to their interest than to the interest of the masses themselves that the latter should be quiet and contented.
But if you call in the masses to make the laws, can they rise above their own level?
The experiment is a step toward understanding what determines the masses of particles.
Since the masses of the individual weights of each machine were determined similarly, the mass values may be partially correlated; thus the combined mass uncertainty of any combination of masses may more appropriately be taken to be the sum of the individual uncertainties rather than the square root of their estimated variance.
The opacity of the argument in "The Mass Ornament" has its source in a concept of the masses that anticipated certain aspects of the Frankfurt School's rigid perspective on mass culture, notably the global range and the conceptual patterning of their total rejection of it.
Concretely, this means that the Masses offered by these priests are valid but illicit; i.e., contrary to the law of the Church."
The Masses that are available are often courtesy of retired priests who drive 30 miles or more and "come at the drop of the hat," says Schleder.
Closer to our own time, novelist and futurist Aldous Huxley foresaw a "brave new world" where religious and moral restraints have been completely abandoned, in which the masses are kept in a permanent stupor with recreational drugs, carnal pleasures, and mindless entertainment.
After we discussed the available options at length, the patient elected to undergo microlaryngoscopy and resection of the masses (figure 2).
The subsequent lack of shadow strengthens the integrity of the masses and helps make the elevations powerfully graphic and even playful.