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A medieval merchant guild or trade association.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Middle Low German, from Old High German hansa, military troop.]

han′se·at′ic (hăn′sē-ăt′ĭk) adj.


(hæns) or


1. (Historical Terms) a medieval guild of merchants
2. (Historical Terms) a fee paid by the new members of a medieval trading guild
3. (Historical Terms)
a. another name for the Hanseatic League
b. (as modifier): a Hanse town.
[C12: of Germanic origin; compare Old High German hansa, Old English hōs troop]


(ˈhæn sə, -zə)

1. a guild of merchants in a medieval town.
[1300–50; < Medieval Latin; replacing Middle English hans, hanze < Middle Low German hanse, c. Old English hōs, Old High German, Gothic hansa company]
References in classic literature ?
Julius Laspara might have been a Transylvanian, a Turk, an Andalusian, or a citizen of one of the Hanse towns for anything he could tell to the contrary.
In recognition of outstanding contribution to humanitarian services in Bangladesh, Hafiz Ahmed Mazumder, the chairman of Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, is going to receive an honorary doctorate (PhD) degree from the Hanse University, South Korea on February 23, says a press release.
Hanse is the German yacht brand that rocketed the Hanse Group and Team Windcraft to spectacular success over the past couple of decades.
This year AIDA Cruises will be bringing two of the eleven ships in its fleet to the Hanse Sail.
The 'treaty', an agreement between the English and Dutch governments concerning the Hanse cities of Lubeck, Bremen, and Hamburg, is 'secret' in that it does not appear in the authoritative index of British treaties nor in earlier lists, but it was wrongly described and dated by Grey, and has continued to be misdescribed ever since.
Southampton and Windermerebased Inspiration Marine has Scottish operations at Kip Marina in Inverkip, and Rhu Marina in Helensburgh, and is the largest dealer in the world for the Hanse Yacht Group in Germany, one of the two largest manufacturers of seagoing sailing yachts.
She was German and favoured the style of the Hanse Haus and her intention was to have this built for herself so that was applied for.
Throughout her reign, Mary I had favored the economic interests of the Hanse merchants over those of the London Merchant Adventurers.
Now the brand is under the ownership of the Hanse Group, having recently been added to the German company's increasingly diverse range of brand offerings, meaning that for the first time a quality boutique brand like Dehler has the buying power of a mass manufacturer.
Since Dehler's takeover by the Hanse Group, the company has had the investment to strongly follow its performance yacht inclinations with the recent 38 and now the new 46 due to be completed in July 5014.
These are sold under the Hanse , Moody and Dehler brands, both through dealers and through its own distribution company.
The deck layout is based on the Hanse 575 which comes with plenty of practicalities--such as all winches being located adjacent the twin helms while the main track is clear of the teak clad cockpit.