the Holy Father

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(ˈhəuli) adjective
1. (worthy of worship or respect because) associated with God, Jesus, a saint etc; sacred. the Holy Bible; holy ground.
2. good; pure; following the rules of religion. a holy life.
ˈholiness noun
1. the state of being holy.
2. (with capital. with His, ~Your etc) a title of the Pope.
the Holy Father
the Pope.
Holy ˈThursday noun
1. Ascension Day.
2. Maundy Thursday.
References in classic literature ?
Sir John tells us then how he took his book to the holy father the Pope, and how he caused it to be read, and "the Pope hath ratified and affirmed my book in all points.
Oh, Mamma, how is it you don't understand that the Holy Father, who has the right to grant dispensations.
By choosing two of the greatest personages of Rome, especially rich men -- this was the return the holy father looked for.
This was a matter of dispute between the holy father and his son.
A male ruby Burns like a lighted coal within the clasp The Holy Father has not such a stone, Nor could the Indies show a brother to it.
I hear the Holy Father Has sent a letter to the King of France Bidding him cross that shield of snow, the Alps, And make a peace in Italy, which will be Worse than a war of brothers, and more bloody Than civil rapine or intestine feuds.
I thank the Holy Father right heartily, and I wish him long life and plenty of happiness.
the queen-mother wrote to the court of Rome, and received as answer, that a marriage between us would have no validity, and would be dissolved by the holy father.
Even the holy fathers had doubts, and prayed to God to strengthen their faith.
Traditionally celebrated as a day of prayer and unity with the Holy Father, Eucharistic celebrations are traditionally held by the hour at the St.
Gomez, who was diagnosed with a "maturity disorder," was hugged tightly by the Holy Father while the latter was on his way out of Palo Cathedral on Saturday.
During his return trip from World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, the Holy Father indicated Divine Mercy Sunday, which falls on the same day, as a possible date.