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pl.n. Roman Mythology
The Fates.

[Latin; see perə- in Indo-European roots.]


pl n, sing Parca (ˈpɑːkə)
(Classical Myth & Legend) the Parcae the Roman goddesses of fate. Greek counterparts: the Moirai


(ˈpɑr si, -kaɪ), sing. -ca (-kə).
the three Fates of ancient Rome.
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Noun1.Parcae - any of the three Roman goddesses of fate or destiny; identified with the Greek Moirai and similar to the Norse Norns
Roman deity - a deity worshipped by the ancient Romans


[ˈpɑːkiː] NPL the Parcaelas Parcas
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The Greeks personified it with the Moirai, the Hebrews named it bashert.
If, as the narrator tells us, "the seasons of a Midwestern town become the Moirai of our small lives" (189)--the Greek goddesses of fate--Mr.
Primitive civilizations assigned various identities to this "power or agency," ranging from the Moirai (Greek), the Parcae (Roman) and the Norns (Norse).