The Wain

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(Astron.) See Charles's Wain, in the Vocabulary.

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He never closed his eyes, but kept them fixed on the Pleiads, on late-setting Bootes, and on the Bear--which men also call the wain, and which turns round and round where it is, facing Orion, and alone never dipping into the stream of Oceanus--for Calypso had told him to keep this to his left.
He wrought the earth, the heavens, and the sea; the moon also at her full and the untiring sun, with all the signs that glorify the face of heaven--the Pleiads, the Hyads, huge Orion, and the Bear, which men also call the Wain and which turns round ever in one place, facing.
"With the number of tourists to Qatar increasing in a big way, the Wain app is a very handy one for the tourists to understand about the day to day events and major tourist destinations in the country," Dr Adnan Abu-Dayya, executive director and CEO, QMIC told Gulf Times .
As per the MoU, the Wain app updates information about roads continuously and allows easy access to different destinations.
The Wain report was intended as a proof of evidence from South Yorkshire Police to the inquiry led by Lord Justice Taylor following the tragedy on April 15, 1989.
The WAIN Street Business Default Index is computed monthly based on the credit performance of nearly 18 million US businesses that have been tracked by WAIN Street for over 12 months.