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Noun1.the true - conformity to reality or actuality; "they debated the truth of the proposition"; "the situation brought home to us the blunt truth of the military threat"; "he was famous for the truth of his portraits"; "he turned to religion in his search for eternal verities"
actuality - the state of actually existing objectively; "a hope that progressed from possibility to actuality"
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If, on a Tuesday, one man believes that it is Tuesday while another believes that it is not Tuesday, their beliefs have the same objective, namely the fact that it is Tuesday but the true belief points towards the fact while the false one points away from it.
But," says he, "if by honour you mean the true natural beauty of virtue, I will maintain it may exist independent of any religion whatever.
Thwackum replied, this was arguing with the usual malice of all the enemies to the true Church.
When using a die with a relatively high L/D, the apparent viscosity approaches the true viscosity.
The true bugs we're studying are more abundant on woody plants than they are on annuals, or plants that complete a life cycle in one growing season.
Whether these tag lines are in fact true is less significant than the way in which a rhetoric of the true is able to make the mean, the outlandish, and the violent all the more captivating.
For instance, psycholinguists established nearly 20 years ago that people presented with true and false sentences generally take less time to determine the accuracy of the true statements.
The idea is that while a numerical orbit will diverge rapidly from the true orbit with the same initial point, there often exists a true orbit with a slightly different initial point that stays near or shadows the computed (noisy) orbit dot by dot for a long time -- for as many as 10 million steps if computational errors are no larger than the 14th decimal place.