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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: critic - a critic of theatrical performancestheater critic - a critic of theatrical performances
critic - a person who is professionally engaged in the analysis and interpretation of works of art
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Baim also announced the appointment of Kerry Reid, a longtime freelance theater critic and arts journalist, as editor of the Reader's theater and dance coverage.
The judge committee includes theater critic at Al Ahram, Bassem Sadek; a journalist from Roz al Youssef, Hend salama; and a journalist and theater critic at Al Ahram Hebdo, Mona Fadl.
Theater critic GE-lE-en Karakadyoy-lu and actor GE-lcin E[pounds sterling]stE-ntaE- were the first to start the vigil and were later joined by CE-neyt Yalaz, Gizem Aksu and EuzgE-r Eren from the Mimesis theater magazine, Mustafa Demirkanly, Fyrat Kuyurtar and YE-cel Erten from the Tiyatro theater magazine and Metin Boran from the Association of Theater Critics.
This year's laureates of the life achievement award were actors Meto Jovanovski and Blagoja Corevski, and theater critic Jelena Luzina.
The expert group includes Vice President of the International One Man Show Festival Association under the International Theater Institute (ITI) Nina Mazur; People's Artist of Kazakhstan Bekpulat Parmanov; theater critic of Kazakhstan Saniya Kabdiyeva; etc.
In February I quit my job after more than 26 years as the Orlando Sentinel's theater critic. Used to be I had an answer when people asked me what I did.
Chatterbox" Bob Plunket, and theater critic Kay Kipling.
A senior Iranian theater critic went behind the scenes of Plonter (in English, mess), a play performed by the Israeli Cameri Theater and staged at the international festival in Seoul, South Korea.
Also available in a hardcover edition (1889262072, $31.95), In The Great Together is an anthology of four one-act plays by the late Seth Alan Barkas, a gifted New York theater critic who was murdered on the streets of that city at the age of 23 by a gang of youthful thugs.
In fact, George Sanders, as All About Eve's velvety and venomous theater critic, remains the one actor to win an Oscar playing a gay character (albeit a veiled one) who survives past the final fade-out.
An award-winning theater critic, Carr, 65, first caught the culture-crit bug as a college part-timer at the New York Post, which led him to spend 19 years reviewing theater, classical music and films for the Detroit News.
The other characters in the film are nowhere near so fully packed." In 1993, Canby, a playwright himself, turned his attention to theater, writing a Sunday column, and, from 1994 to 1996, serving as chief theater critic.

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