theater curtain

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: curtain - a hanging cloth that conceals the stage from the view of the audiencetheater curtain - a hanging cloth that conceals the stage from the view of the audience; rises or parts at the beginning and descends or closes between acts and at the end of a performance
curtain, drape, drapery, pall, mantle - hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window)
safety curtain - a fireproof theater curtain to be dropped in case of fire
theater stage, theatre stage - a stage in a theater on which actors can perform
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The facade cloaked in a bright red metal structure is symbolic of theater curtain about to open as if to signal the start of a spectacular presentation full of surprises.
Inside a glass vitrine set on a spotlighted plinth in a space otherwise darkened by a thick red theater curtain, the two Roman heads were placed in such intimate proximity--noses touching--that they looked as if about to press lips against one another.
A cherry red, velvet theater curtain can be drawn to provide privacy for the bedroom nook at the back of the house where the bed is ingeniously mounted on a pulley system so that it can be raised or lowered as needed.
The opening of the theater curtain, the ABC song and playful graphics together draw children into learning letters and their first words.
Lipton asks in the poem, What would it take to resurrect Darwish's face, to have it raise its self-flagellation like a theater curtain? The answer is first placed within the well-trod terrain of the poorly diagnosed, the unfortunately lavish.
In the second section, drape some plush material in the shape of a theater curtain. Seat your mannequins or dolls in front of the curtain.
My first show set an actual theater curtain beside a still of one taken from a cartoon.
Its motif of a trompe l'oeil theater curtain framing the bow of a ship coming into port is here only visible in an accompanying photograph that shows the stage set installed in a theater.
The next movement, shot with a 1/1000-second strobe, shows Beller flinging herself against a heavy theater curtain over and over, like a trapped animal.
From branches above, garlands of cherries, crab apples, and plums hang down to suggest a theater curtain. In the background, three--no, four; no five!--rivulets switch back through rocky escarpments to collide in a foaming pool behind her.
Gordon creates a versatile set, an extension of the Playhouse's barnlike interior, decorated with the basic symbols of David's far-flung life: a fisherman's net, a theater curtain, a chandelier, a street lamp.

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