theatrical performance

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Noun1.theatrical performance - a performance of a playtheatrical performance - a performance of a play    
performance, public presentation - a dramatic or musical entertainment; "they listened to ten different performances"; "the play ran for 100 performances"; "the frequent performances of the symphony testify to its popularity"
matinee - a theatrical performance held during the daytime (especially in the afternoon)
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Anxious to cheer her spirits, Miss Garth had changed the conversation as soon as possible -- had referred to the approaching theatrical performance -and had relieved Mrs.
"No; I was engaged with the gentlemen who have just left the room about the theatrical performances and the tournaments which are to take place to-morrow."
The concert consisted of the theatrical performance and a concert program.
OF THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT (MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS) (NI) ORDER 1985 Take notice that application dated 13th May 2019 was made for a 7 Day Annual entertainments Licence for: Red Devil Bar Limited, 194-198 Falls Road, Belfast permitting: A theatrical performance; Dancing, singing or music or any entertainment of a like kind; Machines and equipment for entertainment or amusement; Equipment for the playing of billiards, pool, snooker or other similar game.
ISLAMABAD -- A theatrical performance 'Ou on va, papa?' was staged here Wednesday at the auditorium of National University of Modern Languages (NUML) for students to create understanding on Francophonie theatre.
Kuwait Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Sheikh Ali Khaled Al-Sabah during "The Eighties" theatrical show RIYADH, March 11 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Sheikh Ali Khaled Al-Sabah praised the theatrical performance (The Eighties) as a wonderful model of Kuwaiti art.
Food trucks, coffee stands and fashion handicraft will be on offer at the festival, as well as a theatrical performance and traditional music stall.
Teams should also ensure a direct link between the script and the presented visuals, with the participants expected to provide a coherent production using creativity and innovation in directing the theatrical performance. Other than the need to introduce between 30% and 50% new and young talent in a performance, there are other criteria related to lighting, sound effects, makeup, decoration, etc.
It includes cultural seminars, workshops, poetry evenings, and a competition for theatrical performance.
A theatrical performance is of those things you can never be sure about..
Besides, the Tunisian theatre also distinguished itself by winning the prize of best theatrical performance leading role, awarded to Rabiaa Tlili for her role in the play "Medea Material," a Tunisian-French co-production.
Join a theatrical performance of your favorite Filipino children's stories with the Sipat Lawin Ensemble.