theatrical performance

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Noun1.theatrical performance - a performance of a playtheatrical performance - a performance of a play    
performance, public presentation - a dramatic or musical entertainment; "they listened to ten different performances"; "the play ran for 100 performances"; "the frequent performances of the symphony testify to its popularity"
matinee - a theatrical performance held during the daytime (especially in the afternoon)
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Anxious to cheer her spirits, Miss Garth had changed the conversation as soon as possible -- had referred to the approaching theatrical performance -and had relieved Mrs.
No; I was engaged with the gentlemen who have just left the room about the theatrical performances and the tournaments which are to take place to-morrow.
The Britney Spears wannabe, who wowed the judges last weekend with her theatrical performance of Bjork's It's oh So Quiet, said she wants to duet with the wacky Dublin twins if she gets to the final.
This chapter shows the extraordinary power that the audience had over theatrical performance during this time and forms the basis for Ravel's argument of the audience reflecting the "the transition from absolutist rule to modern democracy" (66).
This collection of review excerpts in English of English language Shakespeare productions from circa 1700 to 1996 aims to "give a sense of the evolution of Shakespeare's plays in theatrical performance from his time to ours.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 23 October 2017: A theatrical performance depicting the Syrian conflict called "Baynama Kont Antazer" (While I Was Waiting) is currently being displayed in Beirut, Lebanon at Duwar El Shams Theater.
I cannot imagine that Henry himself, though he tripped the light fantastic, had much use for ballet dancing or any kind of theatrical performance.
The three essays in the book respectively attend to the figure of the prostitute, the ideology of romantic love, and the gendered dimensions of theatrical performance.
The program includes a triple theatrical performance in three different places in Garden City with local and international artists like Nicole Roerick from USA and Emad Ismail from Egypt.