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Noun1.theatrical production - the production of a drama on the stage
production - a presentation for the stage or screen or radio or television; "have you seen the new production of Hamlet?"
coup de theatre - a highly successful theatrical production
summer stock - theatrical productions performed by a stock company during the summer
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The Canada-bound Filipino theatrical production, '13th of September,' will have a series of benefit shows on Aug.
The audience fully enjoyed the theatrical production and were generous in the rounds of applause.
TICKETS are on sale for a theatrical production to be staged by the Urdd.
She was first noticed by director Nour al-Damerdash and she worked with Adwa Al-Masrah Trio in the theatrical production "Ahlan ya Doktour".
Summary: The theatrical production will go back to the roots of rock 'n roll aboard the hotel
Deftly organized into four major sections (Productions as Projects; Planning the Project; Executing and Managing the Project; Closing Out the Project), "Project Planning for the Stage " is a complete and comprehensive course of instruction and very highly recommended for community theatre, community library, college and university library Theatrical Production collections.
Antenna Group and K-Cineplex Cinemas have teamed up to broadcast the Tony award-winning theatrical production of The King and I, directed by Bartlett Sher.
With his ambitions stymied in theatrical production, he buried his theatrical interests in his essays, novels, and short fiction.
In a similar fashion, last month a theatrical production that went to Turkmenistan was also not accompanied by an orchestra and neither was the recent "YeE-ilcam" production.
Rhode Island offers a 25% fully transferable tax credit for motion pictures, and is also one of the few states with a comparable 25% incentive for musical and theatrical production. This is on top of lenient requirements for minimum spending and/or days of principal photography.
VDay is traditionally in February, as is the annual production of "The Vagina Monologues,'' a theatrical production that raises awareness of issues women face around the world and raises money for various charities.
Students at Huddersfield New College were pictured in a scene from a theatrical production using multi-media.