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Noun1.theatrical role - an actor's portrayal of someone in a play; "she played the part of Desdemona"
personation, portrayal, characterization, enactment - acting the part of a character on stage; dramatically representing the character by speech and action and gesture
bit part, minor role - a small role
heavy - a serious (or tragic) role in a play
hero - the principal character in a play or movie or novel or poem
ingenue - the role of an innocent artless young woman in a play
name part, title role - the role of the character after whom the play is named
heroine - the main good female character in a work of fiction
baddie, villain - the principal bad character in a film or work of fiction
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After winning the sixth series of ITV's X Factor programme in 2009, Joseph is his first major theatrical role.
After hitting the heights to win the sixth series of ITV's X Factor programme in 2009, Joseph is his first major theatrical role.
Hillerman landed his first professional theatrical role in Middleton, Ohio, after graduating from the University of Texas and then went on to appear in productions at The Cincinnati Playhouse.
Both of these terms chafe against the work set down for them, but the manner of their chafing marks an epochal transformation of drama's theatrical role.
The 1961 film version, with Sidney Poitier reprising his theatrical role, was also widely acclaimed.
Project Description: This youth group wants to create environmental awareness in various regions through workshops and theatrical role plays.
Abou Ibrahim has proven to be a big failure performing his theatrical role," Zgheib told the National News Agency, holding Turkey fully responsible for returning the 11 abductees safe and sound to Lebanon.
In her latest theatrical role, Jill has the challenging task of playing Beverly, the part made famous by Alison Steadman in the original BBC TV play.
Robert Powell's relishing his latest theatrical role, although he does prefer television as an acting medium
Meanwhile a grande dame of French stage and screen, Isabelle Huppert, goes raving mad in her underwear in another monumental female theatrical role, in a radical version of Tennessee Williams' "A Streetcar Named Desire.
In that earlier historical era, however, Besetzung indicated not only military occupation, but also assuming a theatrical role.
In an August 2004 article in the Boston Globe, she wrote, "The fact is, finding good people to place in undercover assignments overseas is like casting for a theatrical role, and sometimes white guys just can't play the part.