theatrical season

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Noun1.theatrical season - the season when new plays are produced
season - a period of the year marked by special events or activities in some field; "he celebrated his 10th season with the ballet company"; "she always looked forward to the avocado season"
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IN LINCOLN THE BEST part of the theatrical season came late, when the good companies stopped off there for one-night stands, after their long runs in New York and Chicago.
The Azerbaijan State Academic Drama Theaterhas opened its 146th theatrical season with "Karabakhname"staging.
During the annual forum, HE the Minister listened to the views and theses of the playwrights, which dealt with many aspects such as the importance of interest in the childrens' theatre, and reviewing the method of evaluating theatrical season and promised to work towards meeting the demands of the playwrights and study all proposals in order to benefit the theatrical movement.
Broadway and London hits make up the just announced 2018-19 four-show theatrical season of the Metropolis Performing Arts Centre in Arlington Heights.
These plays have already been on the stage in other cities, but on Friday something new will turn up with the theatrical season of Ano Throsko Production starting with Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov at the Pantheon Cinema in Nicosia.
This volume collects 50 ten-minute plays produced during the 2016-2017 theatrical season in a variety of styles and organized by plays for two actors and three or more actors.
During the 1868-1869 theatrical season, Lydia Thompson, an English dancer, comedian, and theatrical producer, offered her first American show Ixion that was a huge success; her troupe, the "British Blondes," was the most popular entertainment in New York in that time.
As successful as the first play was at the Grand, it actually occurred at the end of the theatrical season. Therefore, the new Grand wasn't used, at least for a theater, over the next several months.
Tanghalang Pilipino on its 30th theatrical season for its mid-season offering presents the re-staging of the acclaimed and much-awarded 'Mabining Mandirigma', a steampunk musical, this December.
GuliAnd Management is introducing the stars of Placido Domingo's Operalia, the world opera competition, with four brilliant opera singers being presented during each theatrical season.