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tr.v. the·at·ri·cal·ized, the·at·ri·cal·iz·ing, the·at·ri·cal·iz·es
1. To adapt to performance on the stage; dramatize: "All ethnic dance troupes theatricalize the dance of the folk" (Robert J. Pierce).
2. To make a spectacle of; display showily.

the·at′ri·cal·i·za′tion (-kə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
the·at′ri·cal·iz′er n.


(θɪˈætrɪkəˌlaɪz) or


1. (Theatre) (tr) to adapt (something) for presentation in a theatre
2. (tr) to present in a showy or theatrical way
3. (Theatre) (intr) to perform in a theatre
4. (Theatre) (intr) to go to the theatre
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She discusses the role of Edwin Forrest and a burgeoning national theatrical culture; the performances of the abolitionists William Wells Brown and Mary Webb; Harriet Beecher Stowe's Dred and its theatrical adaptations; performances of Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice and the role of Portia's courtroom dialogue with Shylock; and how the North's the eventual acceptance of John Brown's use of force to overturn slavery depended on theatricalized performances that combined antislavery eloquence and violence.
These songs have been 'theatricalized' to fit into the narrative, Guevara said, though some romantic songs have retained their original flavor-'When I Met You,' for instance, and 'Panalangin,' which Paredes described as 'the No.
It had established the principle of the visible actor/ puppeteer and had developed an epic and theatricalized production style.
He set out, then, to write a didactic play that would explain the crisis, and nothing more, unlike Prebble, who, as noted above, theatricalized a distinct psychological pattern present in Jeffry Skilling (that Shaw and Kushner used to great success in their plays), while also educating her audience on the specifics behind Enron's meltdown.
Through Davis's recounting, this reality was both fleshed out and theatricalized, the artist's elegy giving way to mythology.
Adding to the highly theatricalized storytelling are Taichman's lyrical and image-rich direction, David Dorfman's mesmerizing choreography and movement, and the atmosphere-setting klezmer music composed by Lisa Gutkin and Aaron Halva and performed by both with Travis W.
masks the dictatorship of rhetoric" (xxix), while he defines "bluff" as the ways in which dictatorial power is "constructed, routinized and theatricalized" or staged (xxix).
Florio, Hamlin finds, thus produced "a Montaigne theatricalized" by rendering his Essayes in "an English sharply attuned to contemporary interest in stage-plays, spectacle, and the conscious adoption and performance of roles" (36).
Megson applied the idea of the postsecular to these plays, arguing that the theatricalized postsecular imagination is both an antidote to modernism's disenchantment with the world and a means of up-ending the binary division of past and present.
And the questions became more interesting still, because theatrical practices and theatricalized bodies cross borders of politics, geography, disciplines, and identities.
theatricalized narrative is useful for mapping shifting cultural trends between the 1990s and the 2000s and that the diagnosis of such trends must be differentiated with respect to specific media cultures.
Here the images arc dramatized and theatricalized to the extent that they assume a life of their own.