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Noun1.thelarche - the start of breast development in a woman at the beginning of puberty
start - the beginning of anything; "it was off to a good start"
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Researchers determined when they showed initial signs of thelarche (breast development), pubarche (pubic hair growth) and menarche (start of menstrual periods).
Pubertal breast development (thelarche) physiologically occurs at 8-13 years in girls under increased estrogen effect which is triggered by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland on the ovaries (1-3).
The median concentration of bisphenol A (BPA) was significantly higher in 25 non-obese Turkish girls (aged 4-8 years) with premature thelarche (i.e., premature breast development) than in non-obese age-matched healthy controls (3.2 vs.
Thirty-nine of these girls had telarche and their serum AMH concentrations were significantly lower than those who had not attained thelarche (p=0.001).
The prevalence and risk factors of premature thelarche and pubarche in 4 to 8 year old girls.
Pubertal onset was defined as reaching Stage 2 for breast development (thelarche), pubic hair development (pubarche), or genital development (gonadarche).
We did not use the US findings compatible with the stage of thelarche adopted from Tanner's classification, since this kind of evaluation would not contribute to our purpose (2, 5, 6).
Ultrasound images prior to thelarche show a band of echogenic retroareolar tissue anterior to the pectoralis muscle (Figure 1A).
Puberty starts with thelarche or breast development.
Age at thelarche and menarche in contemporary US females: a cross-sectional analysis.
After 7 months of follow-up, progression of premature thelarche (M2P1) was observed, with serum estradiol levels 38.2 pmol/L and normal prepubertal gonadotropin levels.
In terms of puberty, she had pubic hair development at Tanner stage 2 without thelarche, and biochemically, she was prepubertal (FSH: 8.4mlU/ml (8.4IU/L), LH < 0.2mlU/ml (<0.2IU/L), and E2 < 15 (<4.086 pmol/L)).