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Centering on God as the prime concern: a theocentric cosmology.


(Theology) theol having God as the focal point of attention
ˌtheocenˈtricity n
ˌtheoˈcentrism, theocentricism n


(ˌθi əˈsɛn trɪk)

having God as the focal point of thoughts, interests, and feelings.


[ˌθɪəˈsɛntrɪk] adjteocentrico/a
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The initial rewards from constant warring over land and peoples appear as extensions of the Self--conceived if not yet in terms of hypermodern autonomous individuality, then at least as a selfhood on its "way out" of a theocentric immaturity, up the Chain of Being, and toward the prize of self and its commodities as private property.
After an accurate description of Christocentric exclusivism, Christocentric inclusivism, and theocentric pluralism, Nissen argues that no comprehensive solution is available from the Bible, except that it seems that the biblical texts in general would not justify a pluralist nor a radical exclusivist position.
A "spiritual" hero, by contrast, is "motivated by theocentric humility to release love which may empower others" (id.
What better people to influence and guide those in the military than Catholics with vision, morals, hope, and theocentric beliefs?
Theocentric thinking as exemplified by the Hebrew prophets, living in a manner compatible with God's presence, is the goal of all piety.
Historically, samadhi--the goal of theocentric meditation--has been the exclusive reserve of sages, saints, seers, mystics and yogis: those rare souls who willfully renounce the world to practice spiritual disciplines (like yoga) in pursuit of the "heaven" that Jesus the Christ and others said is within.
Newspaper columnists angrily blamed the uncritical theocentric attitude held by some Nigerian high officials, who patronise the churches for their much-touted thaumaturgical ability.
But Hervey's formulation of heaven differs quite markedly from Catholic eschatology: Hervey's heaven is theocentric, where all earthly relations are dissolved.
His book reframes and complicates a familiar narrative of secularization that moves from a theocentric colonial judiciary to an increasingly rationalized antebellum legal system.
In order to be authentic, evangelization is to be both theocentric and christocentric, announcing God's desire for the universal salvation of humankind through the redemptive hand of Jesus.
Only then it can be truly theocentric, because God is the God of the whole creation, both--as Conradie correctly observes--the act (creatio) and the product (creatura).
Redacted Dominionism: A Biblical Approach to Grounding Environmental Responsibility" is a literal interpretation of the early Genesis narrative that recognizes human relations to nature are based on theocentric themes.