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1. A ruler of a theocracy.
2. A believer in theocracy.

the′o·crat′ic, the′o·crat′i·cal adj.
the′o·crat′i·cal·ly adv.
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Jihadists, inspired by the salafist version of Islam, which aims to restore Islam's greatness by returning to Islam's founding principles (5; 78) want to establish Islamic states, or an international Islamic entity, led by "a theocrat devoted to the true faith" (p.
Indeed, agreeing with Perry Anderson, George Klosko states that "the only substantial conflicting comprehensive views in existing society are religious in nature."(11) Stephen Mulhall and Adam Swift point out that Rawls faces a serious problem when he imagines himself confronting the claims of an "unreasonable" religious person.(12) She declares that because there is no salvation outside her church, "a constitutional regime, with its guarantees of freedom of religion, cannot be accepted unless it is unavoidable."(13) We do not call this person a "theocrat" because she believes that all persons have a moral or spiritual obligation to submit to the authority of a church (say, Roman Catholicism) or a holy book (say, Protestant fundamentalism).
He is an old-fashioned religious bigot and an unrepentant theocrat who believes his version of Christianity should reign supreme with the full sanction of the state.
Unlike Iran's controversial Wilayat ul-Faqih (WuF) concept of a theocrat ruling the country, Iraq's Ja'fari theologians follow the quietist school forbidding religious men from being involved in politics.
HuT's overriding objective is to unite the Muslim world under a single caliph, or supreme theocrat, reviving a system which collapsed with the demise of the Ottoman Empire early in the 20th century.
Colson makes the same mistake that has tripped up every theocrat in history: He refuses to admit the possibility that he might be completely and utterly wrong.
During eight years in office, Khatami deceived the world and Iran's neighbours, posing as a moderate intellectual theocrat. That was when the regime began its mission to convert non-Shiites in the Middle East, as well as in Africa, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and even India.
Throughout history, without exception, every theocrat who usurps the power of the state to write his interpretation of the Bible into law has spawned only tyranny.
It's ironic that a man, who professes to be anti-Pope because the Pope is a secular and religious theocrat, is also a secular and religious theocrat himself.
It was the act of an aspiring theocrat and religious zealot.
That's why, 100 years from now, Kennedy will still be fondly hailed as a great president while Santorum will be just another wannabe theocrat, forgotten in the pages of history.
They include Patrick Buchanan and Ross Perot, a theocrat and a technocrat respectively; we can expect such diversity within any emergent isolationist camp.