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Granted; but if you please, let us not theologize, Aramis.
Although I am a minister, I try not to theologize in this column--yet I find there is something mind-numbing about these excuses.
One may get some hints by examining Thomas Aquinas's discussion in Summa Theologize (written from 1265 to 1274) of the vice connected to charity or agape love, which he called acedia, a kind of laziness or sloth.
Therefore, the Church in India should encourage its women to theologize from their experience of suffering, exploitation and oppression.
The pivotal agonizing question is "how to theologize with a liberationist streak within conditions of absolute despair.
By implication, theological development is respective to the environment in which people think about God, that is, in which they theologize.
We could study it and theologize it into the ground without experiencing one iota of its spiritual riches.
Second, though well-versed in classical anarchism, York does not pick up on the ways anarchism has dramatically changed since its inception and how that shift might help Christians theologize and live in new ways.
Even in a religion like Christianity that has often practiced dogmatism, theology still has to maintain the paradox between its divinity's infinitude and the finitude of those who theologize.
Despite this, the Western academy often continues to theologize and systematize in light of the Reformation, the Counter-reformation, the Enlightenment, modernity, the Holocaust and postmodernity, while often ignoring the effects of imperialism and colonialism.
Alternatively, one can take seriously the problems of divine discourse as made clear by Adorno and Levinas--and still theologize.
If nothing else, he calls the church to theologize in its contemporary global context in dialogue with the theologies of the Old Testament.