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Equally, we have lost sight of the interaction of God and the creation which the Eastern orthodox theologoumenon of the divine energies offers: the creation participates in the sphere of the divine energies in which God is present to and in the creation without there being a confusion of the two orders of being.
Traditional Thomists, who may be identified as those who followed the Thomist commentators no less assiduously than Aquinas himself, as well as other neo-Scholastics, especially Jesuit Suarezians, strongly objected to de Lubac's polemical reassertion of the ancient and more authentic Catholic theologoumenon. De Lubac found in Aquinas that human nature is capax Dei, whether or not God has actually offered man the real possibility for divinization; as an intellectual nature intrinsically or constitutively open to the supernatural, no other end short of the beatific vision of the divine essence could satisfy the human spirit's appetitus naturalis ad bonum universale.
[A]ggadic exegesis characteristically shows how a particular law (or topos, or theologoumenon) can transcend its original focus, and become the basis of a new configuration of meaning" (Michael Fishbane, Biblical Interpretation in Ancient Israel [Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1985], pp.
Here, as elsewhere, Rosenzweig transforms a Christian theologoumenon into a Jewish virtue, a strategy which Funkenstein has adumbrated (Perceptions, 269).
She rejects the idea that Origen's thinking forms a 'transzendierendes Theologoumenon' (MA, XVIII/1, 1176).
Meier suggests in A Marginal Jew, his multi-volume study of Jesus, a theologoumenon (a theological affirmation in narrative form).
This theologoumenon lies at the heart of Karl Barth's Christology, and indeed, as Bruce MacCormack claims in his comprehensive study of the genesis and development of Barth's theology in the crucial years between 1909 and 1936, marks a watershed in that it made the incarnation of the Logos into the contradiction of human existence the fundament and model of the analogia fidei: `With the adoption of the anhypostatic-enhypostatic model of Christology, Barth's theology had moved into a new phase.
Schwarz-Bart's interpretation of the theological situation, his theologoumenon, is that compassion is both the divine attribute and the human response we require -- or hope for -- which invests Kiddush haShem with salvational meaning.
In answering, I shall ultimately argue that disagreement between the two churches may be overcome when the simul is seen as a theologoumenon, by which I mean a theological opinion that could be formally accepted by the two churches, although each of them might consider the content of the statement differently.