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Noun1.theorisation - the production or use of theories
conjecture - reasoning that involves the formation of conclusions from incomplete evidence
ideology - imaginary or visionary theorization
generalisation, generalization, abstraction - the process of formulating general concepts by abstracting common properties of instances
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Her theorisation arguably remains somewhat limited due to its narrow focus on very specific gender constellations, namely WMM, and a commitment to a theory of transgression that is neatly modelled upon certain identity-related positionalities and inter-subjectivities.
Afek Tounes further denounced the strategic alliance between Ennahdha Movement and Nidaa Tounes Movement which, according to the party, "went from intention and theorisation to planning and execution."
I found the theorisation of distribution on offer here very generative, in terms of how it links up media studies concerns with parallel debates in fields such as software studies.
President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi placed a strong emphasis on bridging the gap between theorisation and reality, during a meeting with prominent writers and thinkers including Youssef Al Qaeed, Abdallah Al-Sinnway, Gaber Asfour, and others.
In the last fifteen years there has been a significant increase in the theorisation and along with it, problematising of public pedagogies.
It is refreshing to encounter a body of performance theorisation not defined by white academic progenitors, and their latter-day wrangles regarding original authority over the field of'performance studies'.
Sans vouloir la decrire en detail, disons que la theorisation ancree se fonde en premier lieu sur la codification, laquelle s'emploie a decrire a l'aide d'un ou de plusieurs mots ce dont les donnees temoignent dans les termes memes qui leur donnent forme et leur sont fideles.
His seminal concepts formed the basis of modern economic theory that has in turn allowed for, not only the theorisation of variants, but also the formulation of management practices both at the micro business and macro country level.
Il s'agit de prendre en consideration l'exemple et l'experience des pays arabes dans la theorisation theatrale en vue de la promouvoir et l'appliquer dans le cursus universitaire comme le ceremonial, halqa, hakawati, goual et d'autres formes d'expression.
Unlike, say, physics or chemistry or mathematics, space research and exploration constitute probably the single most area of scientific engagement where theorisation, the inquisitive spirit, the analytical mind and human courage meet.