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Adj.1.theory-based - based in theory rather than experiment; "theory-based arguments and positions"
theoretic, theoretical - concerned primarily with theories or hypotheses rather than practical considerations; "theoretical science"
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He conceived it as an alternative to the typical experience of many first-years composition students by offering a theory-based, rhetorical approach to composition that stresses the interrelation between the acts of reading, writing, and image analysis.
The regional final saw contestants from 10 garages across the West Midlands and Coventry battle it out over a theory-based question paper.
Strong program theory, on the other hand, is theory- and/or evidence-based and provides a coherent, theory-based link between program activities and student learning outcomes.
Focusing on the True Crime and Supernatural genres, the show is conspiracy theory-based, with the pair traveling in each episode to the location of the whatever story they will investigate.
Developing a framework for a program theory-based approach to evaluating policy processes and outcomes: Health in All Policies in South Australia.
Mr Dowden, in charge of fighting the blaze for an hour until 2am, told the inquiry into the disaster he had been given only theory-based training on how to evacuate vulnerable people from high-rises.
* Ensure an adequate number of faculty with training and expertise in theory-based debriefing; budget annually for faculty development.
"The new diploma, which features one third theory-based learning and two-thirds industry placement, will give students a great option to play a valued and varied role in the health system," she said.
The programme provides young people with practical engagement and hands-on discovery to bridge the gap between theory-based development and the commercial workplace.
of Groningen) and Van Vugt (social and organizational psychology, VU U.) carefully track applying social psychology, the problem phase (from a problem to a problem definition), the analysis phase (finding theory-based explanations for problems), the test phase (developing and testing the process model) and the help phase (developing the intervention).
This proposed conceptual framework draws from theories, theory-based models and frameworks, and theory-based research.