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adj. also ther·a·peu·ti·cal (-tĭ-kəl)
1. Having or exhibiting healing powers: a therapeutic agent; therapeutic exercises.
2. Of or relating to the medical treatment of a disease or condition.
A drug or other therapeutic agent.

[New Latin therapeuticus, from Greek therapeutikos, from therapeutēs, one who administers, from therapeuein, to serve, administer treatment, from theraps, therap-, attendant; see therapy.]

ther′a·peu′ti·cal·ly adv.


1. another word for therapeutic
2. (Medicine) another word for therapeutic
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Adj.1.therapeutical - relating to or involved in therapy; "therapeutic approach to criminality"


[ˌθerəˈpjuːtɪkl] ADJterapéutico
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The major interventions for the education of CWSN are identification, functional and formal assessment, appropriate educational placement, preparation of Individualized Education Plan, provision of free aids and appliances, transport and/or escort support, teacher training, appointment of resource teachers, therapeutical support and barrier free access.
Czaplinski from Zrich, whose recommendations helps address immensely complex therapeutical questions.
Regulation of these molecular targets contributes to its therapeutical interest in regards to the three main therapeutical activities noted above.
A review of pathophysiological, clinical and therapeutical aspects.
The information about users and their complaints must identify the area that presents the higher demand of waiting list [9] and search the therapeutical process, so it can be traced a specific planning for the singularities of each Speech Language and Hearing area.
Translation: "Don't say 'I observe Ramadan' say 'I practice therapeutical fasting' #CleverMuslim"
Role of cytokines and oxidative stress in the pathophysiology of acute pancreatitis: therapeutical implications.
A specific feature of the case is the association of neoplasia in immediate history (which also raised a high level of suspicion of marantic endocarditis, disproved by the therapeutical success of antibioticotherapy), and also the absence of clinical and echocardiographic elements of heart failure.
As every type of tumor has a specific profile of change in DNA repair mechanisms, the therapeutical targets are difficult to identify.
9) It is proposed that during this short term alleviation of symptom, the adjunct management option have time to reach therapeutical threshold.