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In a later part, as of a speech or book.
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(Law) formal from this point on in that document, statement, etc
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(ˌðɛər ɪnˈæf tər, -ˈɑf-)

afterward in that document, statement, etc.
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Adv.1.thereinafter - in the following part of a given matter, as in a document or speech
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References in periodicals archive ? [ Thereinafter Wadhia.
To prove the surface gathering of IFR by moisture and heat flow, a further analysis has been made thereinafter.
Thereinafter, the analysis of data was done based on parametric approach using SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Science).
Where, [direct sum] represents bitwise XOR (exclusive or) operation (the same meaning thereinafter).
Thereinafter, more countries followed Italy's example and created similar works.
The construction of a metallurgic complex in Ukraine (Kriviy Rih--Dolinska, thereinafter KTUK) was initiated by the governments of countries associated in former COMECON.
109, 120-22(1996) thereinafter Devins, A Modest Proposal].
Thereby, in consideration of the payment of additional Premium by the Insureds to the Company, it is declared that, by virtue of the attachment of the Impact Damage Endorsement to the Fire Insurance Policy, but subject, however, to the Special Conditions contained thereinafter (within the same Impact Damage Endorsement), the Coverage of the Policy would have been extended to include any Loss or Damage to the Insured-property, either (by Fire or otherwise), which would have been "directly caused" due to impact with Road Vehicles or Horses or Cattles.
CONFERENCE ON TRADE AND DEV., WORLD INVESTMENT REPORT 2016, INVESTOR NATIONALITY: POLICY CHALLENGES xii (2016) thereinafter WORLD INVESTMENT REPORT 2016] ("In 2015, 31 new IIAs were concluded, bringing the universe to 3,304 treaties by year-end....