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(Law) formal into that place, circumstance, etc
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(ˌðɛərˈɪn tu, -ɪnˈtu)

1. into that place or thing.
2. into that matter, circumstance, etc.
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More than all do I rejoice that this, our first, and perhaps our most difficult and dangerous, step has been accomplished without the bringing thereinto our most sweet Madam Mina or troubling her waking or sleeping thoughts with sights and sounds and smells of horror which she might never forget.
Thereinto, p(BAMO/THF) oligomer (hydroxy content 0.311 mmol [g.sup.-1]) was used as the soft segment, the diisocyanate of MDI, TDI, IPDI, and HDI hard segments and DEG was served as the chain extender.
Thereinto, particle filter (PF) has gotten particular attention for the capability of solving non-linear and non-Gaussian questions [2-4].
(A) a supplementary deduction, of up to 50%, of expenses thereinto eligible (this supplementary deduction is applied quarterly or yearly, according to firms' needs);
Thereinto, there were 15 studies on rs731236, 18 studies on rs1544410, 15 studies on rs2228570, and 16 studies on rs7975232.
Thereinto, in [7, 15-20], the authors focused on the fractional q-difference equation with integral boundary value conditions.
Thereinto, [z.sub.i] = ([z.sup.(1).sub.i], [z.sup.(2).sub.i]) is two-dimensional entropy vector.
Thereinto, ADSCs groups formed more vessel-like structures compared with UCMSCs (P <0.001) and EMSCs (P <0.001).
Thereinto, the velocity vector u is the most important parameter that we pay attention to, which represents blood velocity here.
The simulation data of the equivalent circuits of EIS curves, thereinto, contained solution resistance (Rs), electrical capacitance of double layer (C), resistance of double layer (Rct), and electrical capacitance of natural oxide film (Q, constant phase element) with the corresponding dispersion coefficient (Nn), as well as the resistance of passive film (Rf); these are presented in Table 2.
Thereinto, MAPK is an important signaling pathway in cell proliferation and may function in granulosa cell death and follicular atresia [58].